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February 14, 2007

Welcome to the New N3!

Welcome Nebraska librarians to the new version of the N3 newsletter.

In the Fall 2006 NEBASE Survey you asked for more timely information, as well as information in the form of a blog. With this new version of the N3, Nebraska Library Commission Network Services News, we are responding to both of these requests.

Previously N3 was published online every other month. Now, it will be continuously updated with content. We will post new items as we write them or as new content is made available to us from OCLC or our other library partners. This should help keep you up to date with everything happening in all areas of Network Services including, NEBASE, OCLC News, Databases, Training, Discounts and more.

Also, you can now subscribe to N3 via an RSS feed and have the posts go directly to your RSS aggregator service. You no longer need to go find our web site, the content will be pushed directly to your own account. You can also provide us or the library community with comments about any N3 post.

We hope this new method of delivery will meet each of your needs. Please let us know what you think of the new N3.


February 15, 2007

NEBASE Hour for March: OCLC ILL Policies Directory

Entry Categories: NEBASE   Resource Sharing   Training  

The NEBASE Hour for March 2007 is "OCLC ILL Policies Directory".

The NEBASE Hour is a FREE, monthly, online information session on OCLC products and services. The NEBASE Hour is held on the first Wednesday of the month, from 11:00 am-12:00 noon (Central Time) unless otherwise noted.

The NEBASE Hour is a live presentation, available at no cost, that you will access from your own computer via the Web. Audio is available via Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). You may ask any questions you have during the session. The session will be recorded for anyone who may want to see it again or who cannot attend it at the scheduled time. IMPORTANT: Please note that we are using new web conferencing software - Centra. Please read the information below this announcement for details about technical requirements and procedures for accessing live online sessions through Centra.

NEBASE Hour for March 2007: OCLC ILL Policies Directory

March 7, 2007 - 11:00am-12:00pm (Central Time) * Registration Deadline: March 5 *

The OCLC ILL Policies Directory provides users of OCLC WorldCat Resource Sharing with a web-based, central source for entering and retrieving policies, billing, system, and contact information for member libraries worldwide. The ILL Policies Directory replaced the Name-Address Directory (NAD) for ILL use only on August 24, 2003.

Attend this session to learn why the Policies Directory is important, how to enter your library's information, and how to read other institutions' ILL Policies Directory information.

The session will be conducted by Christa Burns, OCLC Member Services Coordinator for NEBASE. Participants will receive 1 hour of CE credit. There is no cost to participate in this session.

For more information and to register to attend this session, please go to our Training Portal.

INTRODUCING CENTRA LIVE! This Online Session will be conducted using Centra Live web conferencing software. For this reason it is crucial that you review the Centra Live technical requirements and perform the recommended Centra system check even if you've successfully attended previous Nebraska Library Commission Online Sessions. (Previous sessions used Genesys and Live Meeting software.) Please do this several days in advance of your scheduled session so you have plenty of time to update your system if necessary. Technical requirements (including a link to the system check) and general access instructions are available on the Nebraska Library Commission Online Sessions webpage.

AUDIO NOTE: Audio for Centra Live online sessions will be handled via Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, as opposed to a telephone conference call. This means access to a telephone is not required. However, in order to hear the presentation attendees must be using a computer with a sound card and speakers. To ask questions and participate in class discussion, attendees will also need a microphone. If you don't have a microphone for your computer, you may request one from the Nebraska Library Commission by emailing Jeannette Powell at least a week in advance of your session. If only one individual is attending the session from a particular computer, a headset may be used in place of the speakers and microphone.


WorldCat Collection Analysis: Best Practices Scenarios

Entry Categories: Cataloging   NEBASE  

WorldCat Collection Analysis: Best Practices Scenarios is a new series of automated demonstrations of how one can use WorldCat Collection Analysis to address common library projects.

OCLC has posted the first scenario, Analyze Collection Gaps, to the WCA webpage.

It can be found on the right sidebar under the heading “Ways to use WorldCat Collection Analysis.” OCLC will continue to announce new scenarios as they are produced.

The second scenario, Digitization Project, will be posted within the month.


February 20, 2007

OCLC Members Council meets in Quebec City

Entry Categories: OCLC News  

OCLC Members Council meets in Quebec City to examine issues facing libraries and the cooperative from a different perspective; Delegates celebrate differences, focus on common goals.

OCLC Members Council met in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, February 5–7 to explore issues facing libraries and the OCLC cooperative from a different perspective and vantage point. It was the first time in the 29-year history of Members Council that the body has convened outside the United States.

Ernie Ingles, OCLC Members Council President and Vice-Provost and Chief Librarian, University of Alberta, OCLC Canada, presided and, as the first Members Council president from outside the United States, welcomed delegates to the historic meeting. The theme for the 2006/2007 session is “OCLC Organizational Dissonance: The New Harmony.”

“Even though Canada is not far away from the United States, it is far enough that we have attributes and values that are different,” said Mr. Ingles. “It is only by exemplar that we talk about Canada in some of our programs. So many of the things we’ll talk about apply here in Canada, and in other parts of the world.”

View the full report


February 21, 2007

Understanding MARC21 Bibliographic Records Classes to be Held in Holdrege

Entry Categories: Cataloging   Technical Services   Training  

Why would you use a 651 MARC tag instead of a 610 tag or a 655 tag instead of a 650 tag? What is the difference between a 130 tag and a 240 tag? Where do you put the note about closed captioning?

If you have questions about MARC21 catalog records or would like to learn more about entering records into your local system, join us for a two-day session -April 24 and 26 - exploring MARC21.
Topics will include:

  • Fixed and variable fields, subfields, tags
  • Title and statement of responsibility
  • Edition
  • Publication
  • Physical description
  • Notes
  • Subject headings
  • Series
  • Main and added entries
  • Special topics
Prerequisite: Basic Skills “Organization of Library Materials” or some library automation experience.

To register: Go to the Nebraska Library Commission Training Portal and search on MARC21.


February 22, 2007

Training opportunities for NEBASE Members

Entry Categories: NEBASE   Training  

NEBASE has joined the Network Education Exchange!

The Network Education Exchange (NEE) is a cooperative online training program between NEBASE and other OCLC Regional Networks that offers selected online courses to members of other networks at member rates. The purpose of this program is to provide members with a wider variety of cost-effective workshops in an online format.

To register for any of the NEE workshops, you must:

* Be a staff member at a NEBASE Member Library
* Register directly with the providing network, including creating an account if necessary.
* Pay by credit card.
* Review the registration, attendance policies and technical requirements of the providing network.
* Also, please note time zones, as they may differ from yours.

To see a list of the courses currently offered, visit our [obsolete link removed] web page.

New courses will be added to the list on a regular basis, so check back often to see what's available!


OCLC WorldCat Collection Analysis Special Offer

Entry Categories: Cataloging   NEBASE  

Save $500 when you subscribe to WorldCat Collection Analysis before June 27.

OCLC's web-based WorldCat Collection Analysis is a unique analytical tool that provides the all-important data needed to understand and study your library's subject-matter strengths, gaps and overlaps. It also lets you compare your collections to other library holdings stored in the WorldCat database. Latest enhancements include ILL analysis and new authoritative lists and predefined peer groups.

Sign up today!

Start your WorldCat Collection Analysis subscription before June 27, 2007 and OCLC will waive your set up fee. That's a $500 savings to you!

Learn more about WorldCat Collection Analysis or watch a demonstration of Collection Analysis in action.

Place your order for WorldCat Collection Analysis in the OCLC Online Service Center.

* Offer is not valid for group subscriptions. An individual subscription applies to a single library symbol. Institutions with multiple library symbols need to purchase a subscription for each library symbol. Subscriptions must begin no later than July 1, 2007.


February 23, 2007

Learn How You Can Participate in Nebraska Memories

Entry Categories: Digitization & Preservation   Training  

Would you like to add your libraries historical materials to the Nebraska Memories database? Find out how your institution can do this during the live one hour online session to be held on Friday, March 2nd from 10-11 Central.

Don't have time for scanning? Think the word metadata is just too intimidating? Then attend the session to find out about new and easy ways to describe your historical materials for the Nebraska Memories database that don't involve learning metadata schemes or digitization training.

Libraries and other cultural heritage institutions are welcome to add digitized materials such as photographs, maps, sound recordings, and more to the publically available database.

Topics to be covered in the session include:

What is Nebraska Memories?
History of the project
Tour of the Nebraska Memories web site
Options to participate
New EZ Descriptions -- small projects don't need metadata training
Free scanning options
Training Options

Date: Friday, March 2, 2007
Time: 10-11am Central
Cost: Free
To register, please visit the NLC Training Portal and search for "Nebraska Memories"
or go directly to the online session entry.

This session will be conducted using Centra Live web conferencing software. For more information about Centra visit the Online Training Info page.


WebJunction Has a New Look

Entry Categories: OCLC News   Tech Notes   Training  

Have you seen the new WebJunction?

The WebJunction staff have spent the last 6 months redesigning the entire site. The new, refreshed version was launched earlier this month. The new design, based on user input, makes it easier to find and use WebJunction resources.

The new site has a cleaner, brighter look to it, with easy navigation to Resources, Courses and Community sections. Links to member groups, such as Rural and Small Libraries, are prominently displayed on the front page. The new design has enhanced the helpful sense of community that has grown within WebJunction.

WebJunction, launched by OCLC in 2002 with a $9 million grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is an interactive, online community where library staff meet to share ideas, solve problems and take online courses. WebJunction gives librarians a broad range of resources, including a forum for sharing information on policies and practices (e.g., Internet access for minors), technical resources, advice for purchasing hardware and software, and community message/discussion boards that cover both day-to-day support issues as well as broader management topics.

And registration is free!

But, the WebJunction staff are not done! They still need your help and input.

Their immediate follow-up plans include:

* Collecting input from the community
* Conducting a section 508 accessibility audit
* Conducting formal usability testing with the new site
* Putting together a survey of member experience

So, check out the new look and let them know what you think!



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