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Understanding MARC21 Bibliographic Records Classes to be Held in Holdrege

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Why would you use a 651 MARC tag instead of a 610 tag or a 655 tag instead of a 650 tag? What is the difference between a 130 tag and a 240 tag? Where do you put the note about closed captioning?

If you have questions about MARC21 catalog records or would like to learn more about entering records into your local system, join us for a two-day session -April 24 and 26 - exploring MARC21.
Topics will include:

  • Fixed and variable fields, subfields, tags
  • Title and statement of responsibility
  • Edition
  • Publication
  • Physical description
  • Notes
  • Subject headings
  • Series
  • Main and added entries
  • Special topics
Prerequisite: Basic Skills “Organization of Library Materials” or some library automation experience.

To register: Go to the Nebraska Library Commission Training Portal and search on MARC21.

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