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OCLC Members Council meets in Quebec City

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OCLC Members Council meets in Quebec City to examine issues facing libraries and the cooperative from a different perspective; Delegates celebrate differences, focus on common goals.

OCLC Members Council met in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, February 5–7 to explore issues facing libraries and the OCLC cooperative from a different perspective and vantage point. It was the first time in the 29-year history of Members Council that the body has convened outside the United States.

Ernie Ingles, OCLC Members Council President and Vice-Provost and Chief Librarian, University of Alberta, OCLC Canada, presided and, as the first Members Council president from outside the United States, welcomed delegates to the historic meeting. The theme for the 2006/2007 session is “OCLC Organizational Dissonance: The New Harmony.”

“Even though Canada is not far away from the United States, it is far enough that we have attributes and values that are different,” said Mr. Ingles. “It is only by exemplar that we talk about Canada in some of our programs. So many of the things we’ll talk about apply here in Canada, and in other parts of the world.”

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