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Learn How You Can Participate in Nebraska Memories

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Would you like to add your libraries historical materials to the Nebraska Memories database? Find out how your institution can do this during the live one hour online session to be held on Friday, March 2nd from 10-11 Central.

Don't have time for scanning? Think the word metadata is just too intimidating? Then attend the session to find out about new and easy ways to describe your historical materials for the Nebraska Memories database that don't involve learning metadata schemes or digitization training.

Libraries and other cultural heritage institutions are welcome to add digitized materials such as photographs, maps, sound recordings, and more to the publically available database.

Topics to be covered in the session include:

What is Nebraska Memories?
History of the project
Tour of the Nebraska Memories web site
Options to participate
New EZ Descriptions -- small projects don't need metadata training
Free scanning options
Training Options

Date: Friday, March 2, 2007
Time: 10-11am Central
Cost: Free
To register, please visit the NLC Training Portal and search for "Nebraska Memories"
or go directly to the online session entry.

This session will be conducted using Centra Live web conferencing software. For more information about Centra visit the Online Training Info page.

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