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Welcome to the New N3!

Welcome Nebraska librarians to the new version of the N3 newsletter.

In the Fall 2006 NEBASE Survey you asked for more timely information, as well as information in the form of a blog. With this new version of the N3, Nebraska Library Commission Network Services News, we are responding to both of these requests.

Previously N3 was published online every other month. Now, it will be continuously updated with content. We will post new items as we write them or as new content is made available to us from OCLC or our other library partners. This should help keep you up to date with everything happening in all areas of Network Services including, NEBASE, OCLC News, Databases, Training, Discounts and more.

Also, you can now subscribe to N3 via an RSS feed and have the posts go directly to your RSS aggregator service. You no longer need to go find our web site, the content will be pushed directly to your own account. You can also provide us or the library community with comments about any N3 post.

We hope this new method of delivery will meet each of your needs. Please let us know what you think of the new N3.

[ views are those of their author and not necessarily of the Nebraska Library Commission ]

I love the Blog functionality for this newsletter. I bet this will work great, providing an opportunity for communication with and between library staff across the state.

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