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WebJunction Has a New Look

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Have you seen the new WebJunction?

The WebJunction staff have spent the last 6 months redesigning the entire site. The new, refreshed version was launched earlier this month. The new design, based on user input, makes it easier to find and use WebJunction resources.

The new site has a cleaner, brighter look to it, with easy navigation to Resources, Courses and Community sections. Links to member groups, such as Rural and Small Libraries, are prominently displayed on the front page. The new design has enhanced the helpful sense of community that has grown within WebJunction.

WebJunction, launched by OCLC in 2002 with a $9 million grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is an interactive, online community where library staff meet to share ideas, solve problems and take online courses. WebJunction gives librarians a broad range of resources, including a forum for sharing information on policies and practices (e.g., Internet access for minors), technical resources, advice for purchasing hardware and software, and community message/discussion boards that cover both day-to-day support issues as well as broader management topics.

And registration is free!

But, the WebJunction staff are not done! They still need your help and input.

Their immediate follow-up plans include:

* Collecting input from the community
* Conducting a section 508 accessibility audit
* Conducting formal usability testing with the new site
* Putting together a survey of member experience

So, check out the new look and let them know what you think!

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