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Nebraska Library Commission Mailing List Policy Reminder for Members of Any Mailing List

This is a periodic reminder for Nebraska Library Commission (NLC) mailing list members and contains subscription information, posting guidelines, and other information about these mailing lists.

This document was last revised on May 28, 2020. If you are a member of more than one mailing list you may receive duplicate copies of this message.

Point your web browser to for subscription information, guidelines or to search an archive of posted messages. Please note a few of the lists are "by invitation only" or intended for a specific audience.

If you have questions or concerns about a mailing list, please contact Dennis. Contact info is included at the bottom of this message.

Not all mailing lists allow posts from all members. If you receive a rejection notice please contact Dennis for instructions.

Posts from subscribers are welcome providing they conform to the following guidelines.

** Posts should be relevant to librarianship/library issues. Please do not send or forward to the list recipes, chain letters, holiday greetings, etc.

** Membership is limited to members of the library community in Nebraska; list owners may make exceptions where appropriate.

** Please respect copyright, trademarks, service marks, logos, etc.

** Political activity, i.e. campaigning, lobbying, endorsing a candidate, is not permitted.

** When posting to a mailing list and asking for a response, please include your return e-mail address in the body of your message.

** Attachments such as photos or large documents must total less than 5MB. Messages that exceed this limit will not be processed and the author will be asked to edit and resend the message. This is to avoid overwhelming smaller email systems with lower capacity limitations. One option is to create a web page with links to the attachments and pointing users to the appropriate URL.

To share or discuss information that does not meet these guidelines, please consider using a social networking site. Many options are listed at

Bounced messages from e-mail systems incorrectly configured will generally result in eventual removal of the non-deliverable address. Where possible, a removal notice will be sent to the user in case we need to troubleshoot the problem. Your internet/e-mail provider may be employing a spam filter which is blocking your account from receiving mailing list messages. If this is the case you may need to resolve the problem by working directly with your provider.

Dennis Klebe
Infrastructure Support Analyst - Senior
Nebraska Library Commission
1200 N Street, Suite 120
Lincoln, NE

For more information contact Dennis Klebe.