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Interchange Newsletter

Summer 2024

From Your Readers Advisors

This issue of Interchange contains the results of our triennial Patron Engagement Survey. We want to thank everyone who mailed in their survey, called in to respond over the phone, and who completed the survey online. We also wanted to address a few concerns that were voiced to us.

Our goal as your Readers Advisor is to make sure that you are receiving books that interest you. We also want to make sure that you are receiving enough books.

The most popular concern patrons mentioned was the amount of time that it can take to get new books. If you share that concern, please call us! We can’t control the speed at which mail is delivered, but it is very easy for us to increase the number of books you are getting. As a general rule, you are allowed to borrow up to 5 book cartridges at a time. Each cartridge can hold about 15 books. We also encourage you to contact us when you are almost finished with your books, especially before a weekend or holiday. We can get new books in the mail to you before you send back your old books.

We also want to encourage you to contact us if you are not interested in the books you are currently getting. It’s our job as Readers Advisors to connect you with books that you might enjoy! Talk to us about adding or removing an author or narrator, adding filters for explicit content, or about new and popular books.

We can be reached by phone at 402-471-4038 or 800-742-7691. If you prefer to email, we can be reached at

2024 Patron Engagement Survey Results

145 patrons responded to our survey. Here is they told us:

  • Almost half of respondents were over the age of 85, and more than half have been patrons of TBBS for five or more years.
  • Nearly all respondents receive audiobooks. One respondent receives braille magazines.
  • More than half of respondents prefer to call the library and speak with their reader advisor to order more books.
  • Respondents reported enjoying these three subjects the most:
    ○ Mysteries/Suspense
    ○ Westerns
    ○ History/Historical Fiction
  • Most – 89% of respondents – are Very Satisfied with the Talking Book Service. Most – 90% – told us that the Talking Book Service is Very Important to them.
  • Most respondents were not BARD users. Of those, more than half said that they do not have an email address or a home internet connection, which are necessary for BARD.

Patrons who responded to the survey overwhelmingly reported that bringing back print catalogs would be a great improvement to the service. Respondents also would like the service to create an online catalog and ordering system that is easier to use. We will pass this feedback on to the National Library Service.

We wanted to thank patrons who used the survey to send us wonderful comments! There were too many to include, but here are some of our favorites:

  • “I have greatly appreciated this service. It provides much knowledge and enjoyment for me. Thank you so much!”
  • “Your excellent service has been a lifesaver.”
  • “The talking book program has improved my quality of life!”
  • “Keep up the great work!”
  • “The talking books are for my [mother-in-law] who is legally blind. She enjoys the independence of having the machine and being able to use it without help. She VERY much enjoys the player and books, as she used to be an avid reader and this helps pass her time. We thank you for this service and the hours of enjoyment she gets. It has helped her more than you will ever know!”

Magazine Updates

Three new audio magazines are being added to the NLS collection. Please contact your readers’ advisor if you would like to subscribe to any of these.

Best Friends - “Best Friends magazine is the nation's most uplifting magazine for pet lovers. Full of engaging stories, happy tales of rescue and gorgeous photos, the magazine is the official publication of Best Friends Animal Society, a national nonprofit membership organization dedicated to saving the lives of homeless pets.”

Magnolia Journal - “The Magnolia Journal is a quarterly magazine by Chip and Joanna Gaines containing inspiration for life and home. Useful as a resource and a guide to living well, the Magnolia Journal contains stories, recipes, tips, and useful information you will refer back to again and again.”

Mother Jones - “Mother Jones is a nonprofit American progressive magazine that focuses on news, commentary, and investigative journalism on topics including politics, environment, human rights, health and culture.”

The following magazines have ceased publication, and so our producers can no longer narrate them: Magazines of the Month, Outdoor Life, Popular Science, Vanidades, and The Writer. Patrons who are subscribed will not receive any additional issues. Past issues will remain available for loan and for download on BARD.

New Books Added to Our Collection

DBC02027 Four Blue Stars in the Window: One Family’s Story of the Great Depression, The Dust Bowl, and the Duty of a Generation by Barbara Eymann Mohrman. Fifty years ago, a young girl opened a cardboard box in her basement containing her father's World War II uniform and keepsakes. The box started the author on a personal journey to trace her family history and family secrets. Describes the Swiss immigrant family’s hard-scrabble life in rural Nebraska starting in the heyday of the 1920s. Chriss Eymann and his wife, Hattie Mae, raised ten children on the Dust Bowl-ravaged plains during the 1930s in the depths of the Great Depression, then sent their four young sons off to war in the South Pacific and Europe. This story traces the anguish, danger, and everlasting hope of 1930-1947 with some surprising family news that brings the story full circle. Some strong language. Some violence. Adult Nonfiction.

DBC02040 Prayer and Peanut Butter by Shirley Lueth. A collection of short, humorous essays about home life with a family of seven children, appearing originally in the author's column in the Grand Island Daily Independent. Adult Nonfiction.

DBC02042 The Old-Time Cowhand by Ramon F. Adams. The American cowboy emerges from these pages as a recognizable human being with little resemblance to the picturesque inventions of the horse opera. Ramon F. Adams, a highly respected authority on the Old West, talks straight about what the cowhand really did and thought. His cow-punching, bronco busting, trail driving; his rodeo riding, poker playing, socializing; his horse, guns, ripe, clothing, sleeping bag; his eating and drinking habits; his attitude toward God, women, bosses; his unwritten code of conduct--everything about this vanished breed is told with absorbing authenticity, in the rich and varied lingo of the range. Adult Nonfiction.

DBC02053 My Story by Janice Firth. The story and poems of a young woman who has cerebral palsy. Adult Nonfiction.

DBC02054 Poems and Sketches of Nebraska by Addison Erwin Sheldon. Poems and short stories about early 20th century Nebraska and the United States. Adult Nonfiction.

DBC02057 Secrets on the Wind (Pine Ridge Portraits #1) by Stephanie Grace Whitson. Two cavalry soldiers come upon a burnt-out settler's dugout and discover a lunatic woman hiding under a trap door. They carry her to Fort Robinson, where a kind old woman nurses her back to health. She has suffered a great deal and distrusts all men. Though she seems indifferent to all who try to help her, eventually she begins her journey to faith. Adult Fiction.

DBC02058 Watchers on the Hill (Pine Ridge Portraits #2) by Stephanie Grace Whitson. Charlotte Valentine was once a flirtatious beauty in search of an army officer for a husband. But the events in her life have changed her into a person in desperate need of a safe haven, which she hoped to find upon her return to Fort Robinson. With the unexpected appearance of two former beaus, she can only trust God to heal her wounds and to move forward in faith. Adult Fiction.

DBC01908 Footprints on the Horizon (Pine Ridge Portraits #3) by Stephanie Grace Whitson. Nebraska, 1945. Josephine, daughter of the Reverend Hale, spends the summer on her aunt's ranch. There she encounters Dieter Brock, a German prisoner of war being held locally at Fort Robinson. Dieter takes an interest in both Jo and her father's sermons, though the town and Jo's mother disapprove. Adult Fiction.

DBC02064 Country Love by Bev and Dick Kimbrough. These short feature stories, all about life in the Midwest, have previously appeared as syndicated newspaper columns. Adult Nonfiction.

DBC02014 The Inventions of Mr. Tinkers-A-Lot by Garnett Tremain Bond; song composed by Donald E. Marsh. An inventor loves to make people happy. He borrows the song of a wren to communicate his greatest idea--love. For preschool-grade 2.

DBC02015 The Good Green Witch from Ipswitch by Garnett Bond. Children's story about a good witch who safeguards the earth from pollution. For preschool-grade 2.

These locally-produced audiobooks, and more, can be found here. A complete listing of audio magazines – including new subscriptions! – can be found here.

Order Form and Mailing Instructions

Mark the books and magazines you wish to order, then put this page into an envelope and mail to:

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