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Nebraska Public Library Accreditation Status

Accreditation of public libraries is a cyclical process, with approximately one-fifth of all libraries scheduled to apply for re-accreditation each year. The following list includes all Public Libraries (accredited and non-accredited). This data is current as of 6/16/2024.

Sort By: City Library Name System Year Expires Accred Level
CityLibrary NameAccreditation
Year ExpiresSystem
AinsworthAinsworth Public LibraryGold 2024 Central Plains
AlbionAlbion Public LibrarySilver 2028 Three Rivers
AllenSpringbank Township Library    Three Rivers
AllianceAlliance Public LibrarySilver 2025 Western
AlmaHoesch Memorial Public LibrarySilver 2027 Central Plains
AnsleyAnsley Township Library    Central Plains
ArapahoeArapahoe Public LibraryGold 2028 Central Plains
ArcadiaArcadia Township Library    Central Plains
ArlingtonArlington Public LibraryBronze 2024 Three Rivers
ArnoldFinch Memorial Library    Central Plains
ArthurArthur County Library    Western
AshlandAshland Public LibrarySilver 2026 Southeast
AtkinsonAtkinson Public LibraryGold 2025 Central Plains
AuburnAuburn Memorial LibrarySilver 2028 Southeast
AuroraAlice M Farr LibrarySilver 2024 Southeast
AvocaAvoca Public Library    Three Rivers
AxtellAxtell Public LibrarySilver 2028 Central Plains
BancroftBancroft Public LibrarySilver 2028 Three Rivers
BartleyBartley Public Library    Central Plains
BassettRock County Public LibrarySilver 2026 Central Plains
Battle CreekLied Battle Creek Public LibrarySilver 2027 Three Rivers
BayardBayard Public LibrarySilver 2024 Western
BeatriceBeatrice Public LibrarySilver 2028 Southeast
Beaver CityBeaver City Public LibrarySilver 2025 Central Plains
Beaver CrossingBeaver Crossing Community Library    Southeast
BeemerKarlen Memorial LibrarySilver 2026 Three Rivers
BellevueBellevue Public LibrarySilver 2026 Three Rivers
BenkelmanDundy County LibraryBronze 2025 Western
BenningtonBennington Public LibrarySilver 2024 Three Rivers
Big SpringsBig Springs Public Library    Western
BlairBlair Public Library & Technology CenterGold 2026 Three Rivers
BloomfieldBloomfield Public LibrarySilver 2028 Three Rivers
Blue HillBlue Hill Public LibrarySilver 2025 Central Plains
BradyVillage of Brady Public Library    Central Plains
BridgeportBridgeport Public LibraryGold 2027 Western
BroadwaterBroadwater Public LibrarySilver 2024 Western
Broken BowBroken Bow Public LibraryGold 2028 Central Plains
BruningBruning Public Library    Southeast
BurwellGarfield County LibraryBronze 2026 Central Plains
ButteDavies Memorial Library    Central Plains
ByronByron Public Library    Southeast
CallawayNigel Sprouse Memorial Library    Central Plains
CambridgeButler Memorial LibrarySilver 2025 Central Plains
CampbellCampbell Public Library    Central Plains
CarrollLied Carroll Library    Three Rivers
Cedar RapidsCedar Rapids Public LibrarySilver 2027 Three Rivers
Central CityCentral City Public LibraryGold 2025 Southeast
CerescoCeresco Community LibraryBronze 2026 Southeast
ChadronChadron Public LibrarySilver 2027 Western
ChappellChappell Memorial Library & Art GalleryBronze 2027 Western
ClarksClarks Public Library    Southeast
ClarksonClarkson Public LibrarySilver 2024 Three Rivers
Clay CenterClay Center Public LibraryGold 2027 Southeast
ClearwaterClearwater Public LibrarySilver 2024 Three Rivers
ColumbusColumbus Public LibrarySilver 2024 Three Rivers
ComstockComstock Township Library    Central Plains
CozadWilson Public LibrarySilver 2027 Central Plains
CrawfordCrawford Public LibrarySilver 2024 Western
CreightonCreighton Public LibrarySilver 2025 Three Rivers
CreteCrete Public LibrarySilver 2026 Southeast
CroftonEastern Township Library  2014 Three Rivers
CulbertsonCulbertson Public LibrarySilver 2025 Western
CurtisKlyte Burt Memorial Library    Central Plains
Dakota CityDakota City Public LibrarySilver 2028 Three Rivers
DaltonDalton Public Library    Western
DavenportDavenport Public Library    Southeast
David CityHruska Memorial Public LibraryGold 2025 Southeast
DawsonJohn G Smith Memorial Library    Southeast
DaykinDaykin Public Library    Southeast
DeshlerJennifer Reinke Public LibraryBronze 2026 Southeast
DeWittBob and Wauneta Burkley LibraryBronze 2024 Southeast
DodgeJohn Rogers Memorial LibrarySilver 2025 Three Rivers
DorchesterDorchester Public Library    Southeast
DunningSandhills Public Schools    Central Plains
DwightDwight Community Library    Southeast
ElginElgin Public LibrarySilver 2026 Three Rivers
Elm CreekElm Creek Public LibraryBronze 2025 Central Plains
ElmwoodElmwood Public LibraryBronze 2024 Three Rivers
ElwoodElwood Public LibrarySilver 2026 Central Plains
EmersonEmerson Public LibraryBronze 2028 Three Rivers
EustisEustis Public Library    Central Plains
EwingEwing Township Library    Central Plains
ExeterExeter Public LibraryBronze 2025 Southeast
FairburyFairbury Public LibrarySilver 2024 Southeast
FairfieldFairfield Public Library  2014 Southeast
FairmontFairmont Public LibraryBronze 2026 Southeast
Falls CityFalls City Library & Arts CenterGold 2025 Southeast
FarnamFarnam Public LibrarySilver 2017 Central Plains
Fort CalhounFort Calhoun Public Library    Three Rivers
FranklinFranklin Public LibrarySilver 2027 Central Plains
FremontKeene Memorial LibrarySilver 2027 Three Rivers
FriendGilbert Public LibraryBronze 2022 Southeast
FullertonFullerton Public LibrarySilver 2027 Three Rivers
GenevaGeneva Public LibraryGold 2028 Southeast
GenoaGenoa Public LibrarySilver 2025 Three Rivers
GeringGering Public LibrarySilver 2026 Western
GibbonGibbon Public LibrarySilver 2024 Central Plains
GlenvilBrumbaugh Public Library    Southeast
GordonGordon City LibraryBronze 2025 Western
GothenburgGothenburg Public LibrarySilver 2028 Central Plains
Grand IslandGrand Island Public LibraryGold 2024 Central Plains
GrantHastings Memorial LibraryGold 2028 Western
GreeleyGreeley Village Public Library    Central Plains
GreenwoodGreenwood Public LibrarySilver 2028 Three Rivers
GreshamGresham Public Library    Southeast
GretnaGretna Public LibraryGold 2026 Three Rivers
Guide RockAuld-Doudna Public Library    Central Plains
HarrisonSioux County Public LibraryBronze 2024 Western
HartingtonHartington Public LibraryGold 2028 Three Rivers
HarvardHarvard Public Library    Southeast
HastingsHastings Public LibrarySilver 2024 Central Plains
Hay SpringsCravath Memorial Library    Western
Hayes CenterHayes Center Public Library    Western
HebronHebron Secrest LibrarySilver 2027 Southeast
HemingfordHemingford Public LibraryBronze 2025 Western
HickmanHickman Reading Centre    Southeast
HildrethHildreth Public LibraryGold 2024 Central Plains
HoldregeHoldrege Area Public LibrarySilver 2028 Central Plains
HooperHooper Public LibrarySilver 2024 Three Rivers
HowellsHowells Public LibrarySilver 2027 Three Rivers
HumboldtBruun Memorial LibrarySilver 2026 Southeast
HumphreyHumphrey Public Library    Three Rivers
HyannisGrant County LibrarySilver 2025 Western
ImperialLied Imperial Public LibrarySilver 2025 Western
IndianolaIndianola Public Library    Central Plains
JacksonJackson Public Library    Three Rivers
JohnsonJohnson Community Center & Library    Southeast
KearneyKearney Public LibraryGold 2028 Central Plains
KimballKimball Public LibrarySilver 2024 Western
La VistaLa Vista Public LibrarySilver 2026 Three Rivers
LaurelLaurel Community Learning CenterSilver 2024 Three Rivers
LeighLeigh Public LibraryBronze 2025 Three Rivers
LewellenLewellen Public Library    Western
LexingtonLexington Public LibrarySilver 2026 Central Plains
LincolnLincoln City LibrariesGold 2024 Southeast
LitchfieldLitchfield Public Library    Central Plains
LodgepoleNancy Fawcett Memorial LibraryBronze 2025 Western
LouisvilleLouisville Public LibraryBronze 2027 Three Rivers
Loup CityLoup City Public LibraryBronze 2024 Central Plains
LymanLyman Public LibrarySilver 2026 Western
LynchLynch Public Library    Central Plains
LyonsLyons Public Library    Three Rivers
MadisonMadison Public LibrarySilver 2024 Three Rivers
Mason CitySunshine Township Library    Central Plains
McCookMcCook Public LibrarySilver 2025 Central Plains
MeadMead Public LibrarySilver 2026 Southeast
Meadow GroveMeadow Grove Public LibrarySilver 2027 Three Rivers
MernaBrenizer Public Library    Central Plains
MilfordWebermeier Memorial LibraryBronze 2022 Southeast
MilliganMilligan Public Library    Southeast
MinatareMinatare Public Library    Western
MindenJensen Memorial LibrarySilver 2026 Central Plains
MitchellMitchell Public LibraryBronze 2028 Western
MorrillMorrill Public LibrarySilver 2028 Western
MullenHooker County Library    Western
NaperNaper Public Library    Central Plains
Nebraska CityMorton-James Public LibrarySilver 2024 Southeast
NehawkaNehawka Public Library    Three Rivers
NelighNeligh Public LibraryGold 2025 Three Rivers
NelsonNelson Public LibraryBronze 2027 Southeast
Newman GroveNewman Grove Public LibrarySilver 2024 Three Rivers
NiobraraNiobrara Public Library    Three Rivers
NorfolkNorfolk Public LibraryGold 2028 Three Rivers
North BendNorth Bend Public LibrarySilver 2026 Three Rivers
North LoupNorth Loup Township Library    Central Plains
North PlatteNorth Platte Public LibrarySilver 2025 Central Plains
OakdaleLois Johnson Memorial LibrarySilver 2027 Three Rivers
OaklandOakland Public LibraryGold 2026 Three Rivers
OcontoOconto Public Library    Central Plains
OdellOdell Public Library    Southeast
OgallalaKathleen Lute Public LibrarySilver 2027 Western
OmahaOmaha Public LibraryGold 2025 Three Rivers
O'NeillO'Neill Public LibraryGold 2026 Central Plains
OrchardOrchard Public LibrarySilver 2026 Three Rivers
OrdOrd Township LibrarySilver 2025 Central Plains
OrleansCordelia B Preston Memorial LibrarySilver 2028 Central Plains
OsceolaOsceola Public LibrarySilver 2026 Southeast
OshkoshOshkosh Public LibraryBronze 2024 Western
OsmondOsmond Public LibrarySilver 2027 Three Rivers
OvertonOverton Community Library    Central Plains
OxfordOxford Public LibrarySilver 2025 Central Plains
PalisadePalisade Public LibrarySilver 2024 Western
PalmerPalmer Public Library    Southeast
PalmyraPalmyra Memorial LibrarySilver 2027 Southeast
PapillionPapillion Public LibraryGold 2028 Three Rivers
Pawnee CityPawnee City Public LibraryGold 2028 Southeast
PaxtonPaxton Public LibrarySilver 2026 Western
PenderHouse Memorial LibraryBronze 2025 Three Rivers
PetersburgPetersburg Public Library    Three Rivers
PierceLied Pierce Public LibraryGold 2027 Three Rivers
PilgerPilger Public LibrarySilver 2025 Three Rivers
PlainviewPlainview Public LibrarySilver 2024 Three Rivers
PlattsmouthPlattsmouth Public LibraryGold 2026 Three Rivers
PlymouthPlymouth Public LibrarySilver 2025 Southeast
PolkPolk Public LibrarySilver 2028 Southeast
PoncaPonca Carnegie LibrarySilver 2028 Three Rivers
PotterPotter Public Library    Western
PrimrosePrimrose Public Library    Three Rivers
RalstonBaright Public LibraryGold 2026 Three Rivers
RandolphLied Randolph Public LibraryGold 2028 Three Rivers
RavennaRavenna Public LibraryGold 2027 Central Plains
Red CloudAuld Public LibrarySilver 2028 Central Plains
Rising CityRising City Community LibraryBronze 2025 Southeast
RushvilleRushville Public LibrarySilver 2028 Western
Saint EdwardSt Edward Public LibrarySilver 2026 Three Rivers
Saint PaulSt Paul Public LibrarySilver 2027 Central Plains
SargentSargent Township LibraryBronze 2028 Central Plains
SchuylerSchuyler Public LibrarySilver 2026 Three Rivers
ScotiaScotia Public Library & Heritage CenterSilver 2024 Central Plains
ScottsbluffLied Scottsbluff Public LibraryGold 2024 Western
ScribnerScribner Public LibraryGold 2028 Three Rivers
SewardSeward Memorial LibraryGold 2025 Southeast
ShelbyShelby-Rising City Public Schools    Southeast
ShelbyShelby Community LibraryGold 2026 Southeast
SheltonShelton Public LibraryBronze 2025 Central Plains
ShickleyVirgil Biegert Public Library  2017 Southeast
ShubertShubert Public Library    Southeast
SidneySidney Public LibrarySilver 2026 Western
Silver CreekSilver Creek Township Library    Southeast
SnyderSnyder Public Library    Three Rivers
South Sioux CitySouth Sioux City Public LibrarySilver 2024 Three Rivers
SpaldingSpalding Public Library    Central Plains
SpencerSpencer Township Library    Central Plains
SpringfieldSpringfield Memorial LibraryGold 2028 Three Rivers
SpringviewKeya Paha County Library    Central Plains
StantonStanton Public LibrarySilver 2025 Three Rivers
StapletonLogan County LibrarySilver 2027 Central Plains
StellaStella Community Library    Southeast
SterlingSterling Public LibraryBronze 2027 Southeast
StrattonStratton Public Library    Western
StromsburgStromsburg Public LibrarySilver 2025 Southeast
StuartStuart Township Library    Central Plains
SuperiorSuperior Public LibrarySilver 2028 Southeast
SutherlandMaxine White-Sutherland Public LibraryBronze 2026 Central Plains
SuttonSutton Memorial LibraryBronze 2023 Southeast
SyracuseSyracuse Public LibrarySilver 2024 Southeast
Table RockTable Rock Public Library    Southeast
TaylorTaylor Public Library    Central Plains
TecumsehTecumseh Public LibraryBronze 2028 Southeast
TekamahLied Tekamah Public LibrarySilver 2026 Three Rivers
ThedfordThomas County Library    Central Plains
TildenRaymond A Whitwer Tilden Public LibraryGold 2024 Three Rivers
TrentonTrenton Public LibraryBronze 2024 Western
UlyssesUlysses Township LibraryBronze 2021 Southeast
UnadillaUnadilla Community Library    Southeast
ValentineValentine Public LibrarySilver 2025 Central Plains
ValleyValley Public LibrarySilver 2027 Three Rivers
ValparaisoValparaiso Public LibrarySilver 2025 Southeast
VerdigreVerdigre Public LibraryGold 2027 Three Rivers
VerdonVillage of Verdon Library    Southeast
WahooWahoo Public LibraryGold 2028 Southeast
WakefieldGardner Public LibrarySilver 2028 Three Rivers
WallaceFaith Memorial Library    Central Plains
WalthillWalthill Public LibrarySilver 2027 Three Rivers
WaterlooAgnes Robinson Waterloo Public LibrarySilver 2027 Three Rivers
WaunetaWauneta Public LibraryBronze 2026 Western
WausaLied Lincoln Township LibrarySilver 2025 Three Rivers
WaverlyWaverly Community Library    Southeast
WayneWayne Public LibrarySilver 2026 Three Rivers
Weeping WaterWeeping Water Public LibrarySilver 2024 Three Rivers
West PointJohn A Stahl LibraryGold 2024 Three Rivers
WesternStruckman-Baatz Public LibraryBronze 2028 Southeast
WilberDvoracek Memorial LibrarySilver 2024 Southeast
WilcoxWilcox Public Library    Central Plains
WilsonvilleWilsonville Public Library    Central Plains
WinsideLied Winside Public LibraryBronze 2024 Three Rivers
WisnerWisner Public LibraryBronze 2028 Three Rivers
Wood RiverMaltman Memorial Public LibrarySilver 2028 Central Plains
WymoreWymore Public LibrarySilver 2025 Southeast
YorkKilgore Memorial LibraryGold 2026 Southeast
YutanYutan Public LibrarySilver 2024 Southeast


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