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GOVERNANCE - Chapter 1    
Advisory Groups 005 4 51-401 through 51-403.03
Commission Meetings 004 2 84-1409 through 84-1414
Conflicts of Interest 003 2 49-1493 et seq
Definitions 002 1 51-401 through 51-403.03
General Information 001 1 51-401 through 51-403.03
Rule Changes 006 5 51-401 through 51-403.03
Definitions 002 8 51-404 through 51-418
Financial Aid Programs 008 23 51-404 through 51-418
General Information 001 8 51-404 through 51-418
General Services 003 9 51-404 through 51-418
Library Extension and Development 007 20 51-404, 51-408
Nebraska Library for the Blind and
Physically Handicapped
005 12 51-404, 51-418
Nebraska Publications Clearinghouse 006 16 51-404, 51-418
Reports from Libraries 004 12 51-407


Chapter 1 - GOVERNANCE

001 General Information

001.01 Statutory Authority . Sections 51-401 through 51-403.03 of the Revised Statutes of Nebraska set forth the structure, powers, and duties of the Commission.

001.02 Scope and Application . This Chapter provides procedures for the conduct of Commission board business, describes a code of ethics for Commission board members and staff, designates advisory bodies to the Commission and establishes procedures for rule changes.

002 Definitions

002.01 Business year shall mean the fiscal year of the State of Nebraska.

002.02 Commission - The term "Commission" is commonly used to refer to both the board and the administrative agency which carries out the mandated programs. As used in this Chapter "Commission" shall refer to six member board constituting the Nebraska Library Commission.

002.03 Commission member shall mean a person holding current appointment to the Nebraska Library Commission. Commission members are selected for appointment on a regional basis, the regions corresponding to the geographic areas of the six library systems. Members are not representatives of the systems. Commission members have authority only when acting as a body in regular session. The Commission shall not be bound in any way by any statement or action on the part of an individual Commission member except when such statement or action is in pursuance of special instructions by the Commission.

002.04 Commission staff shall mean any person currently employed by the Nebraska Library Commission full or part time.

002.05 Director shall mean director of the Nebraska Library Commission.

003 Conflicts of Interest

003.01 All members of the Commission, the Director, and the Deputy Director are designated to comply with the filing requirements and other Conflicts of Interest provisions of the Nebraska Political Accountability and Disclosure Act (Revised Statutes 49-1493 et seq).

003.02 All employees of the Commission shall comply with the applicable conflict of interest provisions of the Nebraska Political Accountability and Disclosure Act and the conflict of interest provisions of the Rules and Regulations of the State of Nebraska Department of Personnel.

003.03 Commission members and employees of the Commission shall endeavor to pursue a course of conduct which will not raise suspicion among the public that a Commission member or employee is likely to be engaged in acts that are in violations of his or her trust.

003.04 A Commission member or employee of the Nebraska Library Commission shall accept no loans or gifts from any person doing business with the Nebraska Library Commission provided, such prohibition shall not apply to the acceptance of ordinary social favors as defined herein. Ordinary social favor shall mean items which, by their nature, are ordinarily and readily returnable in kind; for example, a luncheon, invitation to and attendance at social functions, and other items ejusdem generis. Ordinary social favor does not include such items as admission to events, memberships to clubs and organizations, the provision for lodging or transportation and other items ejusdem generis. Nothing within this Rule shall prohibit a Commission member or employee from accepting requests for speaking engagements and the reasonable expenses therefore.

003.05 Any violation of these rules will be referred to the Nebraska Political Accountability and Disclosure Commission for investigation and hearing in the manner prescribed by law.

004 Commission Meetings

All meetings of the Commission shall be conducted in compliance with Public Meeting Laws, section 84-1409 through 1414 of the Revised Statutes.

004.01 Notice of Meeting . Public notice of Commission meetings will be disseminated electronically to libraries via the Nebraska Library Communication System, and by mail to the Lincoln Journal-Star , the Omaha World-Herald, and the office of the Governor. Notices will be published 10 days prior to the meeting.

004.02 Schedule of Meetings . A regular meeting schedule shall be established annually at the first meeting in the new business year. Regular meetings shall be conducted at least once every other month. The date of any regular Meeting may be changed by a majority vote of the Commission.

004.02A Special Meetings - Special meetings may be called by the Chair or by a majority vote of the Commission.

004.03 Officers . The officers of the Commission shall be a Chair and Vice-Chair elected and announced at the first scheduled meeting in the new business year. They shall assume office at that time. The Director shall designate a staff member who shall serve as Commission secretary.

004.03A The Chair shall be elected for a term of one year. The Chair shall preside at meetings and shall perform all duties as may be prescribed by action of the Commission.

004.03B The vice-chair shall be elected for a term of one year. The vice-chair shall preside in the absence of the Chair and shall perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Commission.

004.03C Officers shall hold office until their successors are elected.

004.04 Procedures for Meetings. The parliamentary authority for meeting procedures shall be Roberts Rules and Order, Revised.

004.04A Quorum - A majority of all members of the Commission shall constitute a quorum.

004.04B Majority Vote - Actions, including the election of officers, shall require a majority vote of all members present and voting.

004.04C Agenda. The director shall prepare a preliminary agenda after consulting with the Commission Chair. The preliminary agenda shall be mailed to Commission members no later than 5 days prior to the meeting. A copy of the agenda shall be kept current and available for public inspection at the Commission office. Requests to be placed officially or the agenda shall be made to the Director. The agenda shall be approved at each meeting.

004.04C1 Any person or institution may appear before the Commission and be given a reasonable amount of time for a presentation provided that a written request has been made to the Director at least five days prior to the meeting. Such person or institution shall have no standing in conduct of the business of the Commission.

004.04C2 The agenda shall include time for citizens to speak. The Chair may impose limits on the length of time each citizen may speak.

005 Advisory Groups

005.01 The Commission may establish ad hoc advisory committees or task forces which may include persons who are not members of the Commission. Unless otherwise stipulated, such committees or task forces shall be established for a period of no longer than one year. When an advisory committee or task force has completed its assignment, a written report shall be prepared and delivered to the Commission.

005.02 The Commission may establish standing advisory bodies to provide continuing advice as here specified.

005.02A The Nebraska State Advisory Council on Libraries. The Commission shall appoint a State Advisory Council on Libraries whose purpose is to advise the Commission on statewide library development and planning, to review and evaluate Library System plans and activities, and to perform such functions as mandated by the federal Library Services and Construction Act. The Council shall be composed of no more than 18 members, broadly representative of the libraries and library users of the state. The Commission shall appoint members to the Council for two year terms, staggered. The Council shall devise Bylaws for its operation not inconsistent with Nebraska statutes, Commission rules and regulations and federal regulations appertaining, and shall provide the Commission annually with a written report of its activity.

006 Rule Changes

006.01 Promulgation, Amendment or Repeal of Rule by Petition . Any interested person may petition the Commission requesting the promulgation, amendment, or repeal of any rule. Such requests shall be submitted in written form to the Director by certified mail. The petition shall cite the rule to be amended or repealed, and shall set forth the text of the rule or rules proposed for promulgation or amendment. Petitions shall be dated and include the original signatures and mailing addresses of the individuals presenting the petition. Petitions shall also include a statement of purpose for the proposed rule or rule change. Petitions may include, as attachments, additional supporting material.

Rules proposed for promulgation, amendment or repeal by petition shall be considered by the Commission at its next regularly scheduled meeting, provided that the petition is received not less than 5 days prior to the meeting. Petitions which are not received in time to be included on the Commission's agenda shall be carried to the agenda of the next scheduled meeting of the Commission. Decisions of the Commission concerning proposed rules or rule changes presented by petition shall be announced in writing with a copy of the decision mailed to each petitioner. In the event that the petitioner, or petitioners, choose to contest the decision of the Commission, a hearing shall be provided at such time and place designated by the Commission. The petitioner, or petitioners, shall be provided reasonable notice in writing of the time and place for the hearing, and shall be provided an opportunity to present testimony and evidence. An official record of the proceedings shall be provided by the Commission, including the testimony and exhibits offered at the hearing.

Any rule or rule changes proposed as a result of a petition shall, if approved or amended by the Commission, be adopted in the same manner as any other rule or rule change.

006.02 Petitions for Declaratory Ruling . On petition of any interested person, the Commission may issue a declaratory ruling with respect to the applicability to any person, property, or state of facts of any rule enforceable by it. A declaratory ruling of the Commission, if issued after argument and stated to be binding, is binding between the Commission and the petitioner on the state of facts alleged unless it is altered or set aside by a court. Such a ruling shall be subject to review in the manner provided by statute for the review of decisions in contested cases.

Petitions for a declaratory ruling shall be delivered in written form to the Director by certified mail. The petition shall be dated and include the original signatures and mailing addresses of the individuals presenting the petition. The petition shall include the statement of request for a ruling, reasons for the request, the questions to be considered and supporting evidence.

Petitions for a declaratory ruling shall be considered by the Commission at its next regularly scheduled meeting, provided that the petition is received not less than 5 days prior to the meeting. Petitions not received in time to be included on the Commission's agenda shall be carried to the agenda of the next scheduled Commission meeting. Rulings of the Commission requested by petition shall be announced in writing with a copy mailed to each petitioner. Petitioners shall be provided an opportunity to present testimony before the Commission. Notification shall be provided concerning the date, time and place for consideration of the petition for declaratory ruling.



001 General Information

001.01 Statutory Authority . Sections 51-404 through 51-418 of the Revised Statutes of Nebraska set forth the duties and responsibilities of the Commission.

001.02 Scope and Application . This Chapter provides procedures for the operation of Commission programs and identifies requirements of eligibility for certain services.

002 Definitions

002.01 Commission- Except where noted otherwise, in this Chapter "Commission" shall refer to the Nebraska Library Commission, the administrative agency.

002.02 Clearinghouse shall mean the Nebraska Publications Clearinghouse.

002.03 Depository Library shall mean a Nebraska Library designated to receive and maintain for public use state government documents.

002.04 Director shall mean Director of the Nebraska Library Commission

002.05 Library shall mean any agency established by law for library purposes.

002.06 Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped shall mean the Nebraska regional library designated by the Library of Congress to serve blind and physically handicapped individuals.

002.07 Library Systems shall mean the six regional multi-type library systems organized as non-profit corporations to foster and conduct regional cooperative library programs and services. The six systems and their prescribed regions are:

Library Systems

002.08 Public Library shall mean a town, township, city, village or county library supported through tax revenue, legally established for library purposes to serve the general public, and having a library board, a collection of library materials, and personnel to administer the library service program.

003 General Services

003.01 Commission Library Materials . The Commission shall acquire library materials in all conventional formats to meet the information needs of the public it serves. This shall include: general reference and bibliographic materials; materials relating to all aspects of library science and all types of libraries; all publications of Nebraska state government, selected publications of other state governments, and selected publications of other federal and local governments; non-print materials of general scope to meet public library demands for informational, educational, and entertainment material; non-print materials to meet specialized needs in the fields of health; special materials for visually and physically handicapped individuals; sample reading materials for children and young adults.

003.OIA Gifts of Library Materials - Gifts made to the Commission of library materials will be added to the collection only in accordance with the general collection policy. The Commission assumes unconditional ownership of donated materials and may dispose of such materials at its own discretion. Library materials purchased with donated funds are subject to the same conditions.

003.01B Disposal of Library Materials - Library materials which are no longer needed to meet Commission program objectives shall be removed from the collection and disposed of. When such materials are appropriate to the needs of other publicly funded libraries in the state they shall be transferred to such libraries. Other disposition of materials shall be at the discretion of the Director. When library materials are disposed of at public sale, each item shall be marked "No longer property of the Nebraska Library Commission." Funds from such sales shall be deposited in the Nebraska Library Commission cash fund.

003.02 Loans of Library Materials .

003.02A The loan periods for Commission library materials shall be as follows:

Books, periodicals and government publications: 3 weeks outside the city of Lincoln; 2 weeks within the city of Lincoln.
Reference materials: 1 week.
Motion picture films, videocassettes and other audiovisuals: two days plus transit time.
Foreign language learning materials: one month.

003.02B User Service Charges for materials borrowed from the Commission shall be as follows:

Users shall bear the cost of returning materials which have been mailed out by the Commission.
Users shall pay the costs of Online Reference products when they exceed $5.00 per search item.
Users shall pay interlibrary loan or photocopy charges that have been passed on to the Commission by the library owning the loaned material.

State government agency users shall pay interlibrary and photocopying fees when such fees exceed $5.00 per item requested.

Users shall pay general service fees for the use of 16mm films and audiovisual materials. Fees shall be determined annually according to the legislative appropriation to support the loan service. Fees shall be established for five categories of material based on the length (playing time) of the film, video or audiovisual, and a minimum two day loan period. Overdue fines shall be 75% of the base fee for each day overdue.

003.02C Responsibility for Borrowed Material . Users shall be responsible for the proper care and use of materials borrowed from the Commission. Borrowers shall be liable for damage to materials due to negligence, and shall be assessed charges based on the current cost of repairing or replacing the item.

003.03 Borrowers . In addition to the entities identified in sections 51-405 and 406 of the Revised Statutes, the Commission shall, when requested by an entitled library, agency or body of citizens, make loans directly to individuals or organized facilities such as nursing homes, hospitals, senior centers, daycare centers, etc. The Commission shall also honor, as a reciprocal courtesy, request for loans from libraries outside the state which adhere to the National Interlibrary Loan Guide,. 1980.

004 Reports from Libraries

To collect data from libraries (Revised Statutes 51-407) the Commission shall annually devise and distribute a data collection form indicating the particular data to be supplied, and the time period on which the data is based. Data elements shall regularly include income and operating expenses of the library; measures of library activity such as number of loans made; measures of library resources and equipment; and identification of current staff and governing board members. Additional data elements may be included in some years to aid in the study of particular problems such as the condition of library buildings or the facility for serving handicapped library users. The Commission shall compile the collected data for use in identifying trends, needs and problems.

005 Nebraska Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped

As the agency designated by the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped the Nebraska Library will follow procedures and guidelines for service set forth in the Network Library Manual , 1980 Library of Congress, National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped.

005.01 Subsidiary Groups . To assist in providing library service to the blind and physically handicapped people of the state, the Nebraska Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped may contract with other agencies to perform designated services. Such contracts or agreements shall be negotiated annually and charges for services if any, shall be based on costs of services rendered.

005.01A Subregional Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped - The North Platte Public Library is designated a Subregional Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped and under annual formal agreement serve residents of the western counties of Nebraska as specified in the agreement.

005.01B Braille Service. The Utah State Library is designated by formal agreement to provide Braille reading materials to Nebraska residents by direct mail from Salt Lake City.

005.01C Machine Sublending Agencies. The Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped may designate Machine Sublending Agencies to assign and distribute reading equipment and accessories to eligible persons within a specified area.

005.02 Service Eligibility. To qualify for service, library users must be residents of Nebraska who have been certified as eligible. With special reciprocal arrangements through the National Library Service, any citizen of the United States who has been certified as eligible may also be served.

005.02A Visual Impairment. Persons whose visual acuity, as determined by competent authority is 20/200 or less in the better eye with correcting lenses, or whose widest diameter of visual field subtends an angular distance no greater than 20 degrees, shall be eligible to receive the services of the library.

005.02B Visual Disability. Persons whose visual disability, with correction and regardless of optical measurement, is certified by competent authority as preventing the reading of standard printed materials, shall be eligible for service.

005.02C Physical Handicap. Persons certified by competent authority as unable to read or unable to use standard printed material as a result of physical limitations shall be eligible for service.

005.02D Reading Disability. Persons certified by competent authority as having a reading disability resulting from organic dysfunction and of sufficient severity to prevent their reading printed material in a normal manner shall be eligible.

005.03 Authority to Determine Eligibility .

005.03A For blindness, visual disability, or physical limitations, "competent authority" shall be doctors of medicine, ophthalmologists, optometrists, registered nurses, therapists, professional staff of hospitals, institutions, and public or welfare agencies (e.g., social workers, case workers, counselors, rehabilitation teachers, and superintendents). In the absence of any of these, certification may be made by professional librarians or by any person whose competence under specific circumstances is acceptable to the National Library Service.

005.03B In the case of reading disability from organic dysfunction, competent authority shall be doctors of medicine who may consult with colleagues in associated disciplines.

005.04 Lending Policies .

005.04A Borrowers . Reading materials and sound reproducers for the use of blind and physically handicapped persons may be loaned to individuals who qualify, to institutions such as nursing homes and hospitals, and to schools for the blind or physically handicapped for the use of such persons only. The reading materials and sound reproducers may also be used in public or private schools where handicapped students are enrolled; however, the students in public or private schools must be certified as eligible on an individual basis and must be the direct and only recipients of the materials and equipment.

005.04B Loan Periods for Reading Material . The Nebraska Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped shall determine the loan period for materials in its collection.

Any other library, which has entered into a contract with the Nebraska Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped to provide service, shall determine the loan period for materials sent from that library.

005.04C Loan Period for Machines . Talking book machines (record players) and cassette players shall be loaned to eligible individuals for as long as those individuals continue to borrow materials provided by either the Nebraska Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped or from its subregional.

Machines in need of repair shall be returned to the Nebraska Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, or to any of its machine sublending agencies.

005.04D Confidentiality of Loan Records . Records or portions of records kept by the library which, when examined with or without other records, reveal the identity of any library patron using the library's materials or services will be considered confidential.

005.05 Audio Production Facilities . The Nebraska Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped shall maintain an audio production center to produce audio equivalents of books, magazine and other print materials, for use by eligible library borrowers.

005.05A Before any print materials are recorded, appropriate copyright clearance shall be substantiated.

005.05B The Production Center shall, as facilities are available, respond to requests for audio production, post production services, and tape duplication services from state government agencies, libraries or other not-for-profit agencies which serve blind and physically handicapped persons.

005.05C Charges made for services rendered to outside agencies shall be established annually based on current costs. Funds collected for services provided shall be deposited in the Nebraska Library Commission cash fund.

006 Nebraska Publications Clearinghouse

006.01 Depositories of Nebraska State Government Publications.

006.01A Eligibility for designation as a depository. A library shall be eligible for designation as a depository if it is:

006.01A1 A public library in a city of 10,000 or greater population, or public library whose service area includes 10,000 or more persons, provided that its appointment would not increase the depository/ population ratio to more than one per 50,000 in the county, Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area, or state.


006.01A2 A library other than a public library in a city of 10,000 or greater population, provided that its appointment would not increase the depository/population ratio to more than one per 50,000 persons in the county, SMSA, or state.


006.01A3 A state college or university library provided that its appointment would not increase the depository/ population ratio to more than one per 50,000 persons in the county, SMSA, or state.


006.01A4 A library so located that within a 50-mile radius no other depository exists, provided that its appointment would not increase the depository/population ratio to more than one per 50,000 persons in the county, SMSA, or state.


006.01A5 A library that is a designated federal documents depository.

006.01B Depository Designation .

006.01B1 A State Documents Depository Committee, consisting of the Nebraska Library Commission Director, State Documents Librarian, Publications Clearinghouse Coordinator, and a representative from the State Advisory Council shall review all applications for depository designation, and transmit its recommendations to the Library Commission for final action.

006.01B2 Upon approval of an application for depository designation, a formal agreement setting forth terms of the designation shall be executed between the Nebraska Library Commission and the depository library.

006.0lB3 Each library designated a depository for Nebraska State Publications shall receive a certificate of appointment which shall be publicly displayed.

006.01C Obligations of Depository Libraries .

006.01C1 Accessibility.

006.0lCla Depository documents shall be readily accessible to the public for use in the depository library. Loan policies may be established by the library.

006.0lC1b Depositories shall provide assistance to the public in using the depository collection.

006.01C1c Depository library hours shall be such that reasonable public access is possible.

006.0lC1d Depository libraries shall provide interlibrary loan service of their depository collections in accordance with the Nebraska "Model Code" for interlibrary loan.

006.0lC1e Depositories shall publicize their documents depository service.

006.0lClf Depository documents shall be processed and accessible to the public within two weeks of receipt by the depository library.

006.01C2 Facilities, Staffing & Equipment .

006.01C2a Depositories shall provide adequate staffing, equipment, and facilities for the maintenance and utilization of the depository collection.

006.01C2b Each depository shall designate a staff member who will have primary responsibility for the depository service and serve as a Clearinghouse contact person.

006.01C2c Depository libraries shall provide for public use a suitable microfiche reader/printer. This reader/printer shall be equipped to accommodate the format of microforms distributed through the depository system, currently 48x microfiche.

006.0lC2d Depositories shall send a staff representative to participate in Depository System meetings, generally held once each year.

006.01C3 Collection Development & Maintenance .

006.01C3a Depository libraries will receive Nebraska state documents in microfiche (48x diazo). All depositories will receive the same selection of microfiche items.

006.01C3b If a Nebraska State document cannot be microfilmed, a regular print copy may be distributed. If the supply of regular print copies is insufficient to furnish to all depositories, distribution will be made in such manner as the Clearinghouse determines will achieve widest public accessibility.

006.0lC3c Depository libraries may organize their collections in any manner desired, provided that convenient public access is assured.

006.01C3d Duplicate depository items shall be returned promptly to the Clearinghouse.

006.01C3e Depositories shall report any lost publications to the Clearinghouse.

006.01C3f Depositories shall retain depository documents for a minimum of five years, after which time unneeded items may be discarded - with Clearinghouse approval. The Clearinghouse and Nebraska State Historical Society will permanently retain all items.

006.01D Obligations of the Clearinghouse .

006.0lDl The Clearinghouse shall provide assistance in establishing processing procedures, determining equipment needs, or in any other technical matters, upon request. Further, the Clearinghouse shall visit depositories and confer with their staff on any questions or problems that may be identified.

006.01D2 The Clearinghouse shall determine which publications are designated depository items, giving special consideration to recommendations of depository libraries.

006.0lD3 The Clearinghouse shall send depository shipments as frequently as volume demands, normally one to two per month. Depositories will be notified of any significant deviation from this schedule.

006.01D4 A shipping list, showing the title and State Documents Classification Number for each publication, shall be supplied with each shipment. The shipping list shall include authorization to discard any superseded publications.

006.01D5 The Clearinghouse shall provide printed claim forms to the depositories for use in claiming missing shipping items.

006.01D6 The Clearinghouse shall assume the costs of mailing depository shipments.

006.02 Depositories of U.S. Government Publications .

The Commission is designated as a depository of U.S. government publications and shares with the Library of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln certain responsibilities for the statewide coordination of federal depository library activity. Under this arrangement, the Commission shall execute a written agreement with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln libraries identifying the particular responsibilities each agency shall have in coordinating depository library service. The Commission shall also develop and annually review a Plan to Coordinate the Federal Documents Depository Program in Nebraska.

007 Library Extension and Development

To carry out the statutory directive to "encourage the formation of libraries where none exist," (51-408) and to implement the statewide promotion, development and coordination of library programs and services in accordance with nationally acceptable library standards" (51-403), the Commission shall: aid and encourage the statewide sharing of library resources; make all efforts to strengthen and enhance local library units; promote and encourage regional multi- type library cooperation.

007.01 Statewide Sharing of Library Materials . To maximize access to the library resources in the state the Commission shall maintain a union catalog of the holdings of the major libraries in the state, and maintain an interlibrary communication system for the transmittal of information and requests for library materials.

007.01A State Resource Libraries . Libraries whose holdings are part of the state union catalog shall be designated "State Resource Libraries." The Commission shall negotiate written agreements with each State Resource Library which shall identify a method of financial compensation for services rendered by the Resource Library to the state.

007.01B Nebraska Library Communication System . The major state resource libraries shall be linked together in a common communication network designated as the Nebraska Library Communication System. The Commission shall provide participating libraries with operating manuals and instructions in the use of the system, and shall seek methods for achieving maximum inter-library communication efficiency. Libraries which are not designated State Resource Libraries may be granted access to the communication system if they have compatible communication equipment and agree to pay the access fees set by the Commission based on current and projected communication costs.

007.01C NEBASE . To provide Nebraska libraries with cost efficient access to national level library computer and bibliographic services, and to promote the development of a state bibliographic database, the Commission shall sponsor NEBASE, a consortium of Nebraska libraries organized for that purpose. The Commission shall administer NEBASE as a discrete agency program. Among its responsibilities, NEBASE shall be authorized to contract with Online Computer Library Center, Inc. and function as one of its regional networks. (Online Computer Library Center, Incorporated of Dublin, Ohio is a non-profit library service and research membership organization which makes available computer-based processes, products, and services for libraries and other educational organizations). Individual member libraries shall contract with NEBASE for various computer related services and pay fees for services rendered. A price list for services shall be established annually, based on contract arrangements between NEBASE and OCLC, Inc. Fees paid to NEBASE shall be deposited in the Commission cash fund, or distributive fund as appropriate. Representatives of NEBASE member libraries shall be convened at least once annually and elect an Advisory Board of five members.

007.02 Assistance to Libraries . The Commission shall pursue all efforts to strengthen and enhance the programs of local libraries. Such efforts shall include, but not be limited to:

007.02A Providing advice and counsel as requested on matters pertaining to library operations and management.

007.02B Seeking improvement in the financial support for libraries through the establishment of private library foundations and through active support for adequate public fund appropriations at all levels.

007.02C Providing continuing education and training opportunities for library staff members and governing boards.

007.02D Providing guidance in the development of local inter-library cooperative programs, and in the formation of local and regional multi-library cooperatives.

007.02E Providing financial and professional staff assistance in the research and development of innovative library service programs and in the application of new technology.

007.02F Disseminating information about Nebraska library programs, problems and achievements.

007.03 Services From Libraries To address deficiencies of library service at local levels, the Commission may contract with libraries, government agencies, or bodies organized for library purposes, to provide needed services. Such arrangements may include, but are not limited to:

007.03A Use of space to conduct programs such as the Books by Mail Service.

007.03B Use of staff specialists to conduct training programs or act as special consultants.

007.03C Development of local resources such as compilation of regional holdings of library materials.

007.03D Extension of library support services such as acquisition, cataloging and processing of library materials.

007.03E Implementation of special services such as the Consumer Health Information Resources Service.

007.03F Planning and implementation of regionally based library services such as provided by the Nebraska library systems.

008 Financial Aid Programs

008.01 Federal Library Program Administration . Funds allocated to Nebraska from federal library programs shall be administered in compliance with the federal regulations pertaining to each title of each program.

008.01A Planning Requirements. The Long Range Plan and the Annual program plan required by the Library Services and Construction Act shall be prepared with the advice of the State Advisory Council on Libraries and reviewed at a public hearing. Policies, procedures and criteria for management and distribution of grant funds shall be set forth in the planning documents.

008.01B Extension of federal regulations. Rules and regulations promulgated as part of the Library Services and Construction Act shall be applicable to Commission programs which are funded wholly, or in part, from federal sources.

008.02 State Aid for Public Libraries . Funds designated for financial aid to public libraries shall be disbursed to the public libraries according to a formula And guidelines adopted annually by the Commission board.

008.03 Allocations for Library Systems . Funds designated for support of regional multi-type library systems shall be disbursed to the systems according to a formula and guidelines adopted annually by the Commission Board. The formula shall have two parts: an equal base allocation for each system, and an allocation based on an approved system service plan.

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