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Social Networking Links

A brief tour of the Social Web services being used by and experimented with at the Nebraska Library Commission.

The NCompass Blog

NCompass BlogThe NCompass blog is the centerpiece of our Social Web presence. On it we share Commission news, news of issues relevant to our users both in Nebraska and beyond, photos from and of Nebraska libraries, and announcements of new podcast episodes, among many other things. Through the use of RSS, our users can easily subscribe to the blog and receive all of the postings quickly and efficiently.


FacebookThe Commission has a Facebook page for users to learn more about us. In addition, we have pages for the Nebraska Librarians Learning Together project (posts and updates reflecting Nebraska librarians' and students' efforts to network and discuss library-related topics,) and NCompass Live (our weekly webinar).  We also have pages dedicated to Nebraska writers and stories—see Nebraska Center for the Book, One Book One Nebraska, and the Nebraska Book Festival.


Flickr "Flickr is a website that allows users to upload, organize, store, search, and share photos. Flickr fosters interaction between users by allowing them to mark each other as contacts, comment on each other's photos, and add tags to each other's photos. The Commission and several of its employees use Flickr to post photos from events, their travels, and screenshots for presentations and the Web site. (For example, all of the screenshots on this page are being hosted on Flickr.)


YouTubeInstagram is a social media platform that emphasizes visual content. The Commission uses Instagram to share library-related photos and videos from our blog and promote events and services.


SlideShare SlideShare allows us to upload our PowerPoint presentations to a central location from which our customers can then link to our presentations. Although this can be done by uploading them to our own server (which we also do for archiving purposes), with SlideShare users can also view our presentations on the site, embed them into their sites, leave comments, and subscribe to our presentations. SlideShare also supports tagging and contacts within the system. Think of it as a YouTube or Flickr for PowerPoint. To print a copy of a slideshow you'll first need to download it to your computer which we allow, though other's don't. In order to be able to download a show, you will need to create your own free SlideShare account.


X (formerly Twitter)

Twitter Twitter is a communication tool that's been around since the fall of 2006. The original concept is to answer the question "what are you doing now?" in 140 characters or less. Users can post their answer to the question and then subscribe to the posts of others. Users can both post and read through the Twitter Web site, desktop clients, IM and SMS.  Currenly, the Commission is using Twitter to share information about libraries and librarians.


YouTube YouTube allows us to upload videos in a social environment. Users can then view, comment on, and subscribe to our videos. Through YouTube's favoriting system, the Commission can point others to videos we think are worthy of their time. Currently, the Commission is using YouTube to recruit new librarians to the profession and to share staff presentations.

For more information, contact Amanda Sweet.