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E-rate Discounts for Nebraska's Public Libraries
(Universal Service Fund)

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About the E-rate program

What is E-rate?

Overview of the E-rate Process

File Along With Me - USAC's new blog, covering the application process step-by-step. Serves as a very useful schedule for managing your application in the new EPC portal.

Application Process Flow Chart

General E-rate Timeline

E-rate Timeline for Funding Year 2018. Click image to see full size.

E-rate Form Deadlines

E-rate News & Updates

12/18/17 - E-rate: What's New for 2018? Recorded Online Session Now Available

12/14/17 - E-rate Form 471 Application Filing Window Dates Announced The Form 471 application filing window for Funding Year 2018 opens on January 11, 2018 and will close on March 22, 2018.

E-Rate Modernization Order

Glossary of E-rate Acronyms and Terms

Background of the Universal Service Fund: E-Rate 

Nebraska E-Rate Mailing List The E-rate Program

E-Rate Central


E-rate: What's New for 2018? - Recorded online session and presentation slides.

USAC's Online Learning Library - video demos and information about filing E-rate forms

Previous E-rate Training Sessions: 2017  2016  2015  2014  2013  2012  2011  2010  

Forms required for E-rate participation

E-Rate Productivity Center (EPC) - account and application management portal for the E-rate program. As of Funding Year 2016, most forms submitted via the EPC.

Search Tools - Look up the status of your application

Download Forms and Instructions - PDF

Form 470 - Description of Services Requested and Certification Form

Eligible Services List  

Form 471 - Services Ordered and Certification Form

New! Before you start your 471:

1. Update your Organization Profile

2. Answer your Connectivity Questions

FRN Drop-down menus for Function - Internet/Voice/Category Two

FCC Registration Number - look up your library's FCC RN or request a FCC RN

FSCS Code - look up your library's FSCS ID Number - choose the 'Central Library' entry, marked with a Central Library.

Calculating Your Discount - Instructions/Example for Libraries

Nebraska Schools Free and Reduced Lunch Counts by School

Urban/Rural Lookup Tool

Discount Matrix

Form 486 - Receipt of Service Confirmation Form

Form 474 or 472 - Invoice USAC

Form 474 - Service Provider Invoice (SPI) - to receive the discount on your bill; submitted by service provider.

Form 472 - Billed Entity Applicant Reimbursement (BEAR) Form - to receive reimbursement after you have paid your bill; submitted by applicant.

Form 498 - Service Provider And Billed Entity Identification Number and Contact Information Form - to submit banking information to USAC for BEAR Direct Payments

DUNS Number Lookup - look up your library's DUNS Number

Get a DUNS number - if your library doesn't already have one.

Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA)

USAC CIPA Information and Instructions

Full text of CIPA Act

CIPA: Myths vs. Reality

E-Rate Central CIPA Resources

FCC Guide to CIPA

ALA information on CIPA

Filtering Resources

Internet Filtering & Libraries

Web Filtering Software - IT community's ranked list

List of content-control software - Wikipedia

Technology Plans

As of Funding Year 2015, Technology Plans are no longer required for E-rate. This information is still provided for previous years, and anyone needing a Technology Plan for other purposes.

Technology Planning  


Christa Porter is the State E-rate Coordinator for Public Libraries in Nebraska. She can be reached at the Library Commission via email, or by calling 402-471-3107, or 800-307-2665.

Nebraska E-rate contacts for public libraries and schools

E-rate Funding Recipients


For more information, contact Christa Porter.