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May 5, 2009

OCLC Offers Webinars

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Support additional users without spending additional funds. Find out how with OCLC's free live Web session about and the WorldCat Mobile pilot.

When libraries work together, we can make the most of our resources, share our time, and leverage our collective expertise. Given the tough realities of the economy today, there’s never been a better time to learn how to work together for cooperative benefit.

In this session, come see how the power of library cooperation can help your library support additional new users without spending any additional funds. See the latest features on the platform, hear an update on the WorldCat Mobile pilot, understand how easy it is to update your WorldCat Registry data and get a preview of the one-stop integrated discovery solution on the open Web that leads users back to your local library.

If you haven’t looked at lately, then plan to attend one of OCLC's free one-hour Webinars.

Thursday, May 21 at 8-9 AM Central Time
Register for the AM Webinar

Thursday, May 21 at 3-4 PM Central Time
Register for the PM Webinar


May 8, 2009

Introducing iPod Compatible eAudiobook Titles

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classic.gifNow it's even easier for more of your users to connect, click and listen. OCLC NetLibrary and Recorded Books have launched a new collection of eAudiobook titles that are compatible with virtually all MP3 players, including iPods, iPhones and many other portable listening devices.

With more than 1,000 available MP3 titles, you'll find contemporary bestsellers, timeless classics, and college-level courses from Recorded Books' Modern Scholar series. Also be sure to watch for upcoming Audiolibros for your Spanish-speaking users.

MP3 titles from NetLibrary and Recorded Books are available through Recorded Books subscription collections and purchase programs only. If you already have an active Recorded Books subscription, MP3 titles will automatically be included in your collection.

About MP3 titles for iPods and How to Order

View supported devices

The introduction of MP3 titles, along with the launch of the NetLibrary Media Center and its one-click download of eAudiobooks, will make it even easier for users to access eAudiobooks. The Media Center has been enhanced recently with faster downloads, automatic software updates and support for a wider range of portable devices including iPod and iPhone. Whether your library is just getting started, or already has a NetLibrary eAudiobook collection, the Media Center makes it faster and easier to connect, click and listen. For further information, see Connect, click & listen with the new NetLibrary Media Center

To coincide with these developments and to meet growing demand for eContent, NetLibrary is currently running a special offer. Savings of up to 25% are available when purchasing any combination of Subject Sets. These are collections of some of the most popular eBook and eAudiobook titles. This offer is valid until June 16, 2009.

Learn more about this offer and How to Order


May 11, 2009

New FirstSearch option: CONTENTdm

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OCLC has expanded our subscription to the FirstSearch Base® Package to include access to an entry-level, hosted version of CONTENTdm for digital collection building at no additional charge to your library. The Base Package is the group of FirstSearch databases that the Nebraska Library Commission purchases for all Nebraskans as part of NebraskAccess.

What is CONTENTdm?
OCLC’s CONTENTdm Digital Collection Management Software can make everything in your digital collections available to everyone, everywhere. No matter the format—student projects, local history archives, newspapers, books, maps, slide libraries or audio/video—CONTENTdm can handle the storage, management and delivery of your collections to users across the Web.

If you are not familiar with CONTENTdm databases, take a look at Nebraska Memories. This database, maintained by the Nebraska Library Commission, focuses on Nebraska-related historical materials. Participation in Nebraska Memories continues to be encouraged and the Library Commission continues to offer free digitization of up to 50 items for contribution to Nebraska Memories. However, if you have materials that don’t fit Nebraska Memories criteria, you might want to consider this optional “quick start” service.

As a Nebraska library receiving FirstSearch through NebraskAccess, you are eligible for 10GB of storage for up to 3,000 digital items. If you find that your requirements exceed this limit, BCR or OCLC will work with you to review purchasing options to continue seamless growth of your collections. Libraries that currently have a CONTENTdm license may choose to take advantage of this offer and utilize CONTENTdm “quick start” as a second implementation to support additional projects.

The goal of this Base Package addition is to facilitate access to your library’s unique digital resources via the Web, and to do so in a way that highlights your unique online presence. Connecting these resources through WorldCat® also allows users to more easily find high-quality materials through local libraries.

If you have questions about any of these details, please contact Devra Dragos by phone 800-307-2665, 402-471-4335 or e-mail.


May 12, 2009

WorldCat Local “quick start” Web information sessions

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OCLC recently announced WorldCat Local “quick start”, a service that delivers the resources of your library and libraries around the world in a single search. This first step toward Web-scale, cooperative library management services connects your users’ search experience with library systems—today, that means WorldCat, your catalog, local availability and resource sharing. Soon, OCLC will take the next steps and pilot Web-scale delivery and circulation, license management, print and electronic acquisitions, and more. WorldCat Local “quick start” is now included in subscriptions to the WorldCat database on the FirstSearch service at no additional charge.

Learn more about WorldCat Local “quick start” at weekly Web information sessions. Registration is open, and additional sessions will be added regularly.

Built on the popular interface, WorldCat Local “quick start” includes:

  • Your library’s brand in the URL, search box and user interface
  • Your library’s resources displayed first in search results
  • Interoperability with a single integrated library system
  • Smart integration with your library’s existing delivery services
  • Access to the same social networking tools available on
  • Article-level records from well-known databases with links to full text where available

Visit the website to learn more about WorldCat Local “quick start,” and how your library can take advantage of this new service. In addition to introductory webinars, you may also register for webinars that provide an introduction to the service, instruction on configuration options and guidance on use of OCLC’s batch processing services to update your library’s holdings in WorldCat.


May 13, 2009

ReferenceUSA Offers Trial Access to Select Databases

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ReferenceUSA is offering Nebraska public and academic libraries and government agencies trial access to a subset of their database modules through May 28, 2009.

Descriptions of Modules Available for Trial:

  • US Businesses - This database of 14 million US Businesses contains verified, accurate data and is updated monthly. Plus this is the only business database enhanced with more than 20 million phone calls per year. Selection criteria include: Business name, Executive title, Business type, Sales volume, Employee size, Year established, and more... Use Quick Search to find what you need with a few clicks or use our powerful Custom Search to fine tune your search.
  • US Residential - Use this database of over 100 Million US Residents to conduct market research, and locate friends and relatives. Our records are continuously updated and processed against the USPS National Change of Address (NCOA) and Delivery Sequence File (DSF). Selection criteria include: Name, Address, Median home value, Median home income, and more... Use Quick Search to find what you need with a few clicks or use our powerful Custom Search to fine-tune your search.
  • EmployersUSA - The only database that contains every US employer, large or small. Use it to find the company you want to work for based on location, type of business and educational background. Selection criteria include: Geography, Location type (Headquarters/Branch), Business type, Sales volume, Employee size, Year established, and more...
  • International Businesses - Find in-depth company profiles on 3 million international companies, including key executives and detailed financial information. Great for research on large companies and their foreign parents and subsidiaries. Selection criteria include: Business name, Executive name, Sales volume, Company assets, Number of employees, Geography, and more... Use basic lookups, company and industry profiles, or a variety of search variables to find the information you need on international companies and executives

Pricing is typically based on population served or FTE. Discounts will be dependent on the number of interested libraries. To request trial access information or express interest in pricing, please email Susan Knisely.


Barnes & Noble Institutional Discount Program

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Hilary Sire, Community Relations Manager at Barnes & Noble SouthPointe in Lincoln, Nebraska is extending the following offer to all Nebraska libraries:

"The Barnes & Noble Institutional Discount Program entitles your library to receive 20-25% off your purchases, while receiving the personalized customer service that has made us the leading bookseller in America. There is no minimum purchase requirement for this program. Purchases of $0-$4,999 receive a 20% discount and orders of $5000 or more receive a 25% discount.

As your personal booksellers, we are available via telephone, fax or email to answer questions and receive your orders. We will provide price quotes, research titles, recommend new releases, order your books, track their arrival, box them up, and ship them to your library for no additional charge. We may be reached at:

  • Hilary Sire
    Community Relations Manager
    Barnes & Noble SouthPointe
    2910 Pine Lake Road
    Lincoln NE 68516

  • Jennifer Jackson
    Lead Bookseller
    Barnes & Noble SouthPointe
    2910 Pine Lake Road
    Lincoln NE 68516

This program allows you to pay for purchases with the institutional purchase card, check, credit card or cash. We look forward to receiving your business and delivering the resources you need with the excellent personalized customer service you deserve! "


May 22, 2009

NEBASE, BCR & OCLC: The Future of OCLC Services in Nebraska

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In October 2008, we announced that the Nebraska Library Commission’s NEBASE department would cease to exist as an OCLC network as of July 1, 2009. Earlier this spring we updated you with more details about the change, announcing that Nebraska OCLC member libraries will be transferred to another OCLC network, BCR (Bibliographical Center for Research), for their OCLC billing, ordering and training.

NEBASE will be holding 4 online sessions in June to provide you with additional information about this transition.

Join Christa Burns, NEBASE OCLC Member Services Coordinator, as she explains what’s happening with NEBASE, BCR, and OCLC, and what it means to Nebraska Libraries.

Thursday, June 4 - 2:00-3:00pm Central Time
Tuesday, June 9 - 10:00-11:00am Central Time
Monday, June 15 - 2:00-3:00pm Central Time
Friday, June 19 - 10:00-11:00am Central Time

All sessions will be recorded for anyone who cannot attend the live online events.


OCLC Members Council discusses issues facing libraries worldwide

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OCLC prepares for new era of governance designed to reflect a broader, more inclusive membership

OCLC Members Council met May 17-19 in Dublin, Ohio, USA, to discuss issues facing libraries around the world, pass resolutions to implement the previously approved Global Council and three Regional Councils, and look back on 31 years of accomplishments as Members Council concluded its final meeting. Members Council also drafted a new definition of OCLC membership, which will be considered by the OCLC Board of Trustees at its meeting in June and, if approved, added to the Membership and Contributions Protocols that take effect July 1, 2009.

In addition, delegates heard a report from Jennifer Younger, chair of the Review Board on the Principles of Shared Data Creation and Stewardship, that recommended the proposed Policy for Use and Transfer of WorldCat Records be formally withdrawn, and a new policy drafted. “We affirm that a policy is needed, but not this policy,” said Ms. Younger. The Review Board was formed to discuss and gather information about the proposed policy, which has been delayed after concerns were raised about the policy. Until a new policy is in place, the Review Board suggested that OCLC reaffirm the existence and applicability of the Nov. 16, 1987 “Guidelines for the Use and Transfer of OCLC-Derived Records.”

The Review Board is accepting feedback on its report. The Review Board will submit a draft report for the June meeting of the OCLC Board of Trustees, and plans to finalize its report by the end of June. A video of Ms. Younger’s report, as well as her presentation slides, are available on the OCLC Web site.

View the full news release


May 28, 2009

New at Library Profile pages

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Your library’s page on

Now libraries have profiles on, too. Similar to the way a personal profile page gathers together your activities on in a single page, now there’s a page that showcases all your library’s relevant information such as location, links to your catalog, Web site, virtual reference services and more.


The new Library Profile page also gives users an easy place to know what the latest items are that you’ve added to WorldCat—automatically. The featured items are updated once a month, and are presented by relative popularity (as determined by number of holdings in WorldCat.)

Library Profile pages will keep evolving. They are built from data in the WorldCat Registry, so you may want to check your library’s Registry profile and make sure all the fields are populated and up-to-date.



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