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OCLC Members Council discusses issues facing libraries worldwide

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OCLC prepares for new era of governance designed to reflect a broader, more inclusive membership

OCLC Members Council met May 17-19 in Dublin, Ohio, USA, to discuss issues facing libraries around the world, pass resolutions to implement the previously approved Global Council and three Regional Councils, and look back on 31 years of accomplishments as Members Council concluded its final meeting. Members Council also drafted a new definition of OCLC membership, which will be considered by the OCLC Board of Trustees at its meeting in June and, if approved, added to the Membership and Contributions Protocols that take effect July 1, 2009.

In addition, delegates heard a report from Jennifer Younger, chair of the Review Board on the Principles of Shared Data Creation and Stewardship, that recommended the proposed Policy for Use and Transfer of WorldCat Records be formally withdrawn, and a new policy drafted. “We affirm that a policy is needed, but not this policy,” said Ms. Younger. The Review Board was formed to discuss and gather information about the proposed policy, which has been delayed after concerns were raised about the policy. Until a new policy is in place, the Review Board suggested that OCLC reaffirm the existence and applicability of the Nov. 16, 1987 “Guidelines for the Use and Transfer of OCLC-Derived Records.”

The Review Board is accepting feedback on its report. The Review Board will submit a draft report for the June meeting of the OCLC Board of Trustees, and plans to finalize its report by the end of June. A video of Ms. Younger’s report, as well as her presentation slides, are available on the OCLC Web site.

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