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Introducing iPod Compatible eAudiobook Titles

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classic.gifNow it's even easier for more of your users to connect, click and listen. OCLC NetLibrary and Recorded Books have launched a new collection of eAudiobook titles that are compatible with virtually all MP3 players, including iPods, iPhones and many other portable listening devices.

With more than 1,000 available MP3 titles, you'll find contemporary bestsellers, timeless classics, and college-level courses from Recorded Books' Modern Scholar series. Also be sure to watch for upcoming Audiolibros for your Spanish-speaking users.

MP3 titles from NetLibrary and Recorded Books are available through Recorded Books subscription collections and purchase programs only. If you already have an active Recorded Books subscription, MP3 titles will automatically be included in your collection.

About MP3 titles for iPods and How to Order

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The introduction of MP3 titles, along with the launch of the NetLibrary Media Center and its one-click download of eAudiobooks, will make it even easier for users to access eAudiobooks. The Media Center has been enhanced recently with faster downloads, automatic software updates and support for a wider range of portable devices including iPod and iPhone. Whether your library is just getting started, or already has a NetLibrary eAudiobook collection, the Media Center makes it faster and easier to connect, click and listen. For further information, see Connect, click & listen with the new NetLibrary Media Center

To coincide with these developments and to meet growing demand for eContent, NetLibrary is currently running a special offer. Savings of up to 25% are available when purchasing any combination of Subject Sets. These are collections of some of the most popular eBook and eAudiobook titles. This offer is valid until June 16, 2009.

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