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Barnes & Noble Institutional Discount Program

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Hilary Sire, Community Relations Manager at Barnes & Noble SouthPointe in Lincoln, Nebraska is extending the following offer to all Nebraska libraries:

"The Barnes & Noble Institutional Discount Program entitles your library to receive 20-25% off your purchases, while receiving the personalized customer service that has made us the leading bookseller in America. There is no minimum purchase requirement for this program. Purchases of $0-$4,999 receive a 20% discount and orders of $5000 or more receive a 25% discount.

As your personal booksellers, we are available via telephone, fax or email to answer questions and receive your orders. We will provide price quotes, research titles, recommend new releases, order your books, track their arrival, box them up, and ship them to your library for no additional charge. We may be reached at:

  • Hilary Sire
    Community Relations Manager
    Barnes & Noble SouthPointe
    2910 Pine Lake Road
    Lincoln NE 68516

  • Jennifer Jackson
    Lead Bookseller
    Barnes & Noble SouthPointe
    2910 Pine Lake Road
    Lincoln NE 68516

This program allows you to pay for purchases with the institutional purchase card, check, credit card or cash. We look forward to receiving your business and delivering the resources you need with the excellent personalized customer service you deserve! "

[ views are those of their author and not necessarily of the Nebraska Library Commission ]

Contact for the Omaha Metro Area

Marcia Jussel
Community Relations Manager
3333 Oakview Drive
Omaha, NE 68144
fax: 402.334.4742

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