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December 4, 2007

NetLibrary Grants Available for Academic, Public and K12 libraries

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Nebraska Library Commission Offering Grants to Assist in Purchase of 2007 NetLibrary Shared Collection VII

Libraries interested in purchasing the new 2007 SOLINET/NEBASE NetLibrary Shared Collection VII can apply for a grant of $325 to be applied towards their total cost. The grants are available to academic, public and K12 libraries. To apply visit the NetLibrary Grants website and fill out the online application form. Grant applications will be accepted through the April 1, 2008. Grants will be reviewed and funding awarded throughout the application period. To accept the grant award the library MUST submit its order forms to the Nebraska Library Commission for the 2007 NetLibrary Shared Collection VII by May 1, 2008.


Grant Amount -- $325.00

Eligible -- Academic, Public and K12 libraries

Grant Application -- NetLibrary Grants website

Application Deadline – April 1, 2008

Award Notices -- Ongoing throughout application period.

Order Submission Deadline – May 1, 2008


December 6, 2007

Put OCLC on your ALA Midwinter schedule

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Are you attending the American Library Association Midwinter meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on January 11-16? If so, plan to put OCLC on your ALA Midwinter schedule.

Register online today and get the latest information on OCLC services and programs. A variety of special events are planned, including the OCLC Update Breakfast and the OCLC Symposium on how both individual and institutional leadership has an impact on the success of libraries, entitled “New Leadership for New Challenges".

In addition, OCLC will be demonstrating and discussing many OCLC services in booth #1543 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

Register for OCLC ALA conference activities


December 12, 2007

2006/2007 OCLC Annual Report now available

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OCLC publishes 40th annual report to the membership.

In the report, Jay Jordan, OCLC President and Chief Executive Officer, wrote that fiscal 2007 was “an exciting and innovative year for the cooperative. We achieved remarkable growth, introduced new services and enhanced existing ones. At the same time, we made significant progress toward the goal of becoming a globally integrated organization.”

Jordan noted that the outstanding accomplishment for the cooperative was the launch of the Web site, which makes collections of OCLC member libraries visible on the Internet to people everywhere. “Our goal is to drive search traffic from the Web to the library, and we are succeeding—the number of click-throughs to library service has increased fourfold in fiscal 2007, going from 1.9 million to 7.6 million click-throughs.” In addition, Jordan said that the cooperative’s long-term strategy is to provide local, group and global nodes that work together symbiotically to pursue the mission of furthering access to the world’s information and reducing the rate of rise of library costs.

Eleven libraries and consortia are featured in the report, which is being mailed to regional service providers, global service providers and OCLC member libraries.

View the PDF of the report


December 13, 2007

Save Up To 60% on eBook Titles from NetLibrary

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For a limited time, OCLC NetLibrary is offering special savings on thousands of titles from John Wiley & Sons, CRC Press, CABI Publishing, How To Books and Elsevier.

Select from a comprehensive list of professional, STM and trade content, including thousands of titles from the popular For Dummies®, Webster's New World™, CliffsNotes™, Frommer's™, J.K. Lasser, Wrox and Capstone imprints.

Don't miss this opportunity to expand your eBook collection and enjoy significant savings.

See the details of these special offers


CONTENTdm - December's Featured Collections

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Each month, three collections from the CONTENTdm Collection of Collections are featured on the CONTENTdm Web site. The featured collections for December are the John Muir Photographs, Percent for Art, and the Travel Journal and Album of Collected Papers of William Tennent III, 1740 – 1777.

Included in the collection information below is a link to each organization’s record in the OCLC WorldCat Registry. OCLC’s WorldCat Registry allows libraries worldwide to manage and organize their data for vendors and third parties by creating and maintaining a comprehensive institutional profile in a single, Web-accessible location.

John Muir Photographs
University of the Pacific
These images represent all of the photographs of John Muir that are located in Special Collections at the University of the Pacific. Most of the photos are from the John Muir Papers. Others are from in the Muiriana Collection and the James Eastman Shone Collection of Muiriana.

Percent for Art
University of Oregon
The Percent for Art Statewide Digital Collection and Database is a grant-funded project in collaboration with the Oregon Arts Commission. Currently, the database offers access to over 3900 items, encompassing a 30-year period, and reflecting artworks in 105 state projects around Oregon.

Travel Journal and Album of Collected Papers of William Tennent III, 1740 – 1777
University of South Carolina-Thomas Cooper Library
This online collection contains William Tennent's Travel Journal and Album. The journal covers Tennent's trek though the S.C. back-country, at times in the company of William Henry Drayton and Rev. Oliver Hart in an effort to persuade Loyalist "Tories" to join the Patriot cause. The album contains papers documenting Tennent's life as a Presbyterian minister in the Colonies of New Jersey and Connecticut, the courtship of his wife despite her mother's objections, and his 1772 arrival in Charleston, S.C., to serve the Independent or Congregational Church among other topics.

These are just a few of the many outstanding digital collections created by CONTENTdm users.

If you would like to add your collections to the Collection of Collections, log in to the CONTENTdm User Support Center and follow the instructions. Be sure to submit metadata for all required fields including the Entered by field.


NEBASE Hour for January: Who Are You? Evaluate Your Library Holdings with WorldCat Collection Analysis

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The NEBASE Hour for January 2008 is "Who Are You? Evaluate Your Library Holdings with WorldCat Collection Analysis".

The NEBASE Hour is a FREE, monthly, online information session on OCLC products and services.

The NEBASE Hour is a live presentation that you will access from your own computer via the Web. Audio is available via Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). You may ask any questions you have during the session. The session will be recorded for anyone who may want to see it again or who cannot attend it at the scheduled time. IMPORTANT: Please note that we are using new web conferencing software - Centra. Please read the information below this announcement for details about technical requirements and procedures for accessing live online sessions through Centra.

NEBASE Hour for January 2008: Who Are You? Evaluate Your Library Holdings with WorldCat Collection Analysis

January 9, 2008- 10:00am-11:00am (Central Time) Registration Deadline: January 7

To make the most of your library’s acquisitions budget, you need precise data that reveals your library's subject-matter strengths, gaps, and overlaps. WorldCat Collection Analysis is a Web-based service that provides analysis and comparison of library collections based on holdings information contained in the WorldCat database.

Attend this session to learn how you can:

  • Evaluate your library’s collections thru peer comparisons
  • Use the new Circulation Analysis to see how your collection is being used
  • Use the ILL analysis tools to evaluate your borrowing and lending activities
  • Produce detailed reports with spreadsheets and graphs

The session will be conducted by Christa Burns, OCLC Member Services Coordinator for NEBASE. Participants will receive 1 hour of CE credit. There is no cost to participate in this session.

For more information and to register to attend this session, please go to our Training Portal.

INTRODUCING CENTRA LIVE! This Online Session will be conducted using Centra Live web conferencing software. For this reason it is crucial that you review the Centra Live technical requirements and perform the recommended Centra system check even if you've successfully attended previous Nebraska Library Commission Online Sessions. (Previous sessions used Genesys and Live Meeting software.) Please do this several days in advance of your scheduled session so you have plenty of time to update your system if necessary. Technical requirements (including a link to the system check) and general access instructions are available on the Nebraska Library Commission Online Sessions webpage.

AUDIO NOTE: Audio for Centra Live online sessions will be handled via Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, as opposed to a telephone conference call. This means access to a telephone is not required. However, in order to hear the presentation attendees must be using a computer with a sound card and speakers. To ask questions and participate in class discussion, attendees will also need a microphone. If you don't have a microphone for your computer, you may request one from the Nebraska Library Commission, at no cost to you, by emailing Jeannette Powell at least a week in advance of your session. If only one individual is attending the session from a particular computer, a headset may be used in place of the speakers and microphone.


December 18, 2007

OCLC ILL Non-supplier Status

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Attention OCLC ILL Staff....

Is your library closing for a long scheduled holiday? Are you or other members of your ILL staff going on vacation? If so, you should update your OCLC Policies Directory record to change your library's ILL status from supplier to non-supplier.

When a library establishes themselves as a non-supplier, their OCLC symbol is no longer hot-linked in holdings displays, preventing their symbol from being added to new ILL requests. In addition to checking supplier status at the time of the request creation, the system also checks supplier status each time the request moves to the next lender in a string. So, if your symbol has already been included in a borrower's request before your library was switched to non-supplier, the system will automatically skip your library and move to the next symbol where the supplier status is again validated, and so on.

To update your OCLC Policies Directory record:

  • Go to the OCLC Policies Directory. Log in to the Policies Directory with your ILL authorization and password.
  • On the Basic Search screen, click on MY UNITS in the upper right corner of the screen to view and edit your own library's records.
  • On the My Units screen, click on the CHANGE SUPPLIER STATUS button.
  • On the Change OCLC ILL Supplier Status screen:
    • Use the pop-up calendars to choose the beginning and ending date for which you will be a non-supplier
    • Click on the SAVE button in the upper left corner of the screen
  • The system will give you a confirmation message.
  • Log off the OCLC Policies Directory.

The change to non-supplier status can be made any day of the week and will remain active until any day of the week you choose.


December 20, 2007

The Library Store Inc. Renews Discount for 2008

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The Library Store, Inc. is renewing the catalog discounts provided to Nebraska libraries through the Nebraska Library Commission. The renewal period is from 1/1/2008 through 12/31/2008.

Discount details are available at /discounts/discount.aspx#libstore

Please reference BID08SP on all orders and correspondence to receive these discounts.



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