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2006/2007 OCLC Annual Report now available

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OCLC publishes 40th annual report to the membership.

In the report, Jay Jordan, OCLC President and Chief Executive Officer, wrote that fiscal 2007 was “an exciting and innovative year for the cooperative. We achieved remarkable growth, introduced new services and enhanced existing ones. At the same time, we made significant progress toward the goal of becoming a globally integrated organization.”

Jordan noted that the outstanding accomplishment for the cooperative was the launch of the Web site, which makes collections of OCLC member libraries visible on the Internet to people everywhere. “Our goal is to drive search traffic from the Web to the library, and we are succeeding—the number of click-throughs to library service has increased fourfold in fiscal 2007, going from 1.9 million to 7.6 million click-throughs.” In addition, Jordan said that the cooperative’s long-term strategy is to provide local, group and global nodes that work together symbiotically to pursue the mission of furthering access to the world’s information and reducing the rate of rise of library costs.

Eleven libraries and consortia are featured in the report, which is being mailed to regional service providers, global service providers and OCLC member libraries.

View the PDF of the report

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