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OCLC ILL Non-supplier Status

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Attention OCLC ILL Staff....

Is your library closing for a long scheduled holiday? Are you or other members of your ILL staff going on vacation? If so, you should update your OCLC Policies Directory record to change your library's ILL status from supplier to non-supplier.

When a library establishes themselves as a non-supplier, their OCLC symbol is no longer hot-linked in holdings displays, preventing their symbol from being added to new ILL requests. In addition to checking supplier status at the time of the request creation, the system also checks supplier status each time the request moves to the next lender in a string. So, if your symbol has already been included in a borrower's request before your library was switched to non-supplier, the system will automatically skip your library and move to the next symbol where the supplier status is again validated, and so on.

To update your OCLC Policies Directory record:

  • Go to the OCLC Policies Directory. Log in to the Policies Directory with your ILL authorization and password.
  • On the Basic Search screen, click on MY UNITS in the upper right corner of the screen to view and edit your own library's records.
  • On the My Units screen, click on the CHANGE SUPPLIER STATUS button.
  • On the Change OCLC ILL Supplier Status screen:
    • Use the pop-up calendars to choose the beginning and ending date for which you will be a non-supplier
    • Click on the SAVE button in the upper left corner of the screen
  • The system will give you a confirmation message.
  • Log off the OCLC Policies Directory.

The change to non-supplier status can be made any day of the week and will remain active until any day of the week you choose.

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