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NEBASE Closure

Yesterday was NEBASE’s last official day as an OCLC network and this will be the closing post to N3.

The Nebraska Library Commission would like to thank NEBASE members for their support over the last 33 years. We would like to thank those who served as our representatives to Users and Members Council, those who served on the NEBASE Advisory Council, and past and present NEBASE staff.

Remember, your final NEBASE billing for June will be sent by us around the middle of July. Future invoices for OCLC products and services (except for CatExpress, WebDewey, and NetLibrary) will come from BCR.

Christa Burns will continue to coordinate group purchases of CatExpress, WebDewey, and NetLibrary.

For all other OCLC products and services as well as technical support, you will need to contact:

  • Ordering, renewals, billing—When you contact BCR, 1-800-397-1552 or, you will talk with Chris Cook, Ellie Nowicki, or Marisa Wood.

  • BCR Communications regarding OCLC—Check out BCR’s News page to subscribe to their newsletter, sign up for RSS feeds, and find other timely information.

  • Technical support—You will call OCLC Support, 1-800-848-5800, or

  • Training opportunities—Check out BCR’s Continuing Education & Training page and OCLC’s Training Portal for listings from all Partners.

Since there will no longer be a “network” at the Library Commission and our programs have expanded greatly over the years, the name of our department, Network Services, has changed to Technology and Access Services (TechAccess for short).

Please be sure to check out future TechAccess activities on the Library Commission’s NCompass Blog.

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