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AccessScience Trial Available

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McGraw-Hill has set up a free trail to AccessScience for Nebraska libraries through March 18, 2009.

With nearly 9,000 online encyclopedia articles and regularly updated, fully searchable media-rich content, terms, images and videos, AccessScience has proven itself to be the #1 online research tool for science and technology and an excellent starting point for advanced scientific research. We strive to offer AccessScience to you at an affordable price.

Trial access instructions and pricing were distributed via a February 18, 2009 message to the Trial, NEBASE and Systems mailing lists. If you did not receive this information or need it sent to you again, email Databases.

For Technical support for AccessScience, contact our Help Support Desk by e-mail at, fax at (U.S.) 1-617-783-4375, or telephone at 1-800-217-0059 (U.S.) or 1-617-746-2874 (from outside the U.S.)

For pricing information or to place an order go to

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