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NetLibrary Introduces New Media Center

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OCLC has released the new NetLibrary Media Center, a full-featured desktop application that allows library patrons to easily search, manage, transfer and listen to eAudiobooks from their local library. The free software application allows users to connect to NetLibrary, and then download and begin listening to eAudiobooks with just one click.

The Media Center combines familiar user functions available from NetLibrary’s Web-based platform to browse, search and check out materials, and adds enhanced features and functionality—such as a full-feature audio player; seamless download to a portable listening device; a new, feature-rich, easy-to-use interface; and desktop access to a library’s entire eAudiobook collection—for a superior user experience.

In order to provide users with access to the Media Center, libraries will need to complete a Media Center Activation Request and return to NetLibrary.

OCLC will continue to accept activation request forms through December 31, 2008. As of December 19th, 2008, librarians will be able to turn the NetLibrary Media Center on themselves through the Library Resource Center (LRC). Instructions on how librarians can activate the NetLibrary Media Center through the LRC will be communicated to you as the date approaches.

About the Media Center

System Requirements

Online Demo

Updated eAudiobooks User Guide

Media Center Brochure

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