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OCLC Members Council discusses similarities, embraces differences in libraries

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OCLC Members Council met in Dublin, Ohio, October 19-21, to discuss similarities and differences in libraries around the world, continue planning a transition to a Global Council and Regional Councils to extend OCLC participation, and elect a council delegate to the OCLC Board of Trustees.

Under the direction of Members Council President Loretta Parham, Library Director and CEO, The Atlanta University Center, delegates also heard reports from OCLC senior management and staff and discussed the worldwide library cooperative’s plans and activities.

Kathleen Imhoff, Executive Director and CEO, Lexington (Kentucky) Public Library, was elected by Members Council to serve on the OCLC Board of Trustees. Ms. Imhoff, a public librarian, will serve a term of five years. She has advocated for the formation of global library networks, and has considerable budgeting, contracting, project management, collaboration and strategic planning experience.

"I welcome the opportunity to bring my experience to the OCLC table to help provide cost-effective information services to people throughout the world," said Ms. Imhoff, in her nominee statement.

Larry Alford, Chair, OCLC Board of Trustees, and Dean of University Libraries, Temple University, provided an overview of the board's responsibilities. He said the OCLC Board of Trustees ensures that OCLC stays true to its public purpose; ensures that OCLC is a financially secure, business-like collaborative; and ensures “that we pass a strong, stable, relevant collaborative to the next generation.”

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Audio and video of the October Members Council meeting

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