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OCLC Update to NEBASE Listserve Announcement of 10/10/08

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As Devra Dragos updated you last Friday on the NEBASE listserve, OCLC has been working with our Network partners over the past two years to identify ways to increase our collective service options. Since our inception, OCLC has been committed to finding ways to best utilize the power of the cooperative to ensure cost efficiencies for our members. In that spirit, and over the course of these discussions, OCLC management and the Network Directors have developed new and expanded approaches for service, support, billing, training and education. In July, 2009 OCLC and the Networks will begin the implementation of these new services.

NEBASE informed OCLC last Friday, that after careful consideration, they have decided not to continue to provide OCLC services to Nebraska libraries under this new program. NEBASE has been a great partner for many years and we are committed to continue to provide superior service to Nebraska libraries.

What does this transition mean for NEBASE libraries?
There will be no change in NEBASE OCLC support or services until June 30, 2009. As Devra noted in her brief overview to Nebraska libraries, NEBASE members will have multiple options for training and education on OCLC products in the future when the new program rolls out next July. OCLC will work with Networks and new partners across the country to provide Nebraska libraries with a robust set of OCLC training and education courses, both in person and online.

What about account management and billing?
Effective July 2009 NEBASE libraries will no longer receive their OCLC price lists or invoices from NEBASE. Nebraska libraries will receive their price list and invoices directly from OCLC. Every year, OCLC establishes a price list for products and services. Prices have been set for FY08 and there will be no price changes for the remainder of the fiscal year. Going forward, OCLC will not apply an administrative fee and we do not anticipate pricing changes other than the regular OCLC annual price adjustments.

New options for billing, including an OCLC deposit account program, early payment discounts, and electronic billing services will be offered to Nebraska libraries. You will receive more information about these and other services in the next few months. OCLC staff will be in contact with all libraries and will work closely with the NEBASE staff to ensure that this transition occurs without interruption to services or billing.

How will I receive OCLC support services going forward?
NEBASE libraries will receive product support directly from OCLC staff beginning July 2009. OCLC has a large technical and product support team and will provide uninterrupted support for OCLC products and services.

As Devra noted, OCLC does not charge a membership fee for access to OCLC products, services or support. Nebraska libraries will receive billing, product support and access to a wide variety of OCLC training and educational programs without any membership fee.

What are the next steps?
There will be no change in NEBASE OCLC support or services until June 30, 2009 so please continue to coordinate and work with the NEBASE team. OCLC will continue to work with NEBASE to keep you updated as we work together in this transition.

OCLC staff will be contacting each library over the next few months to answer any questions and to ensure a smooth transition. However, feel free to contact Doug Potts at OCLC if you have any immediate questions or concerns.

Doug Potts
Director, Network Partners, 614-764-6000

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