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New WorldCat Resource Sharing User Guide now available

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A new WorldCat Resource Sharing User Guide is now available online. This document is your complete resource for information on all aspects of resource sharing and interlibrary loan procedures through OCLC's WorldCat Resource Sharing system.

Some sample topics:

  • The Basic Interlibrary Loan Cycle
  • Access and Authorizations
  • Additional Loan Cycles
  • OCLC Policies Directory
  • OCLC ILL Fee Management Service
  • Creating ILL Requests
  • Choosing Lenders
  • Completing a Loan Cycle
  • Printing from Request Manager

The WorldCat Resource Sharing User Guide is available in PDF format on the WorldCat Resource Sharing documentation website. During Fall 2008, OCLC's Documentation Dept. will also make available an HTML version.

Please send any comments or questions about this user guide to Peter Insabella in the OCLC Documentation Department.

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