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Just When I Get Comfortable ... Everything Changes

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Save October 23rd for an exciting change management workshop!

Missouri Library Network Corporation (MLNC), the OCLC Regional Service Provider in Missouri, is extending their member workshop rate to NEBASE Member libraries for "Just When I Get Comfortable ... Everything Changes," a change management workshop led by Andrew Sanderbeck of the People-Connect Institute on Thursday, October 23, 2008 in Independence, Missouri, a suburb of Kansas City.

Change is all around us today. Library 2.0 Technology evolves and changes. We change the look of our buildings and of our personnel. We change our policies and procedures. And many times, change is “dumped” on us, where we have little if any input into the implementation and effects of the change.

The good news is…change can be effectively managed. There are processes and techniques that we can use to make the most of change…or at least to minimize the resistance to it. Participants will learn to identify strategies for helping change be accepted and implemented in the workplace, to see change as an opportunity for self-motivation and innovation, to become change leaders in their organizations, and to complete an action plan for implementing specific goals created during the session.

For more details and to register online, visit the MLNC website.

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