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WorldCat Resource Sharing: Updated "Reasons for No" coming

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Explanation of Reasons for No changes
This Sunday, July 13, OCLC will be implementing new “Reasons for No” for users of WorldCat Resource Sharing. This change will happen at a later date for users of OCLC ILLiad following the release of a new ILLiad Web service. The original Reasons for No were developed by the ILL Protocol Implementers Group (IPIG). Over the years, some of these reasons have become outdated and new reasons have become necessary. The details of these changes are outlined below.

Beginning in 2008, OCLC started working with an ad hoc group of libraries to revamp the Reasons for No as they appear in WorldCat Resource Sharing and OCLC ILLiad. This advisory group consisted of volunteers from the OCLC ILL Users Group at ALA Midwinter, members of SHARES, library staff who participated in discussions on ILL-L, and Regional Service Providers and any libraries they contacted.

We presented a list of current Reasons for No, asked for user opinions on the usefulness of the reasons and suggestions for new reasons. We also asked for opinions on how “Not Found as Cited” should be handled systematically. We went through this process four times until we came to a resolution where each proposed change had a majority.

Complete list of Reasons for No
Below is the list of Reasons for No that will appear in WorldCat Resource Sharing starting in July 2008. They are in the order in which they will appear in the drop-down list. This order corresponds to how often they are used by WorldCat Resource Sharing and ILLiad users.

1. In Use/On Loan
2. Non Circulating
3. Not on Shelf/Missing
4. Not Owned
5. Lacking Volume/Issue
6. Branch Policy Problem
7. On Order
8. Cost Exceeds Limit
9. Technical Processing
10. Preferred Delivery Time Not Possible
11. Poor Condition
12. At Bindery
13. Volume Issue Not Yet Available
14. Not Licensed to Fill
15. Required delivery services not supported
16. Prepayment Required
17. Other

Retired Reasons for No
The following Reasons for No will no longer be used:

1. Unspecified
2. Charges
3. Locations not found
4. On reserve (now use: In use/on loan)
5. On hold (now use: In use/on loan)
6. Not found as cited (moved to system-supplied Conditional response)
7. Lacks copyright compliance (moved to system-supplied Conditional response)

Changes for Conditional Responses
In the current environment all conditional responses are supplied by users via the Administrative Module and Saved Notes. Beginning in July, the WorldCat Resource Sharing system will supply four conditional responses for users:

1. Not found as cited (will no longer be a Reason for No)
Used when the Lender cannot find a requested item based on borrower-supplied citation information
2. Duplicate request? (new)
Used when the Lender receives two requests for the same item around the same time. The Lender can confirm that the Borrower truly wants two copies of the same item.
3. Borrower concerns/please contact lender (new)
Used when a Lender is not comfortable lending an item to a particular Borrower until they have a conversation. This may be due to overdue materials, materials with IFM attached that have not been received, etc.
4. Lacks copyright compliance (will no longer be a Reason for No)
Used when the Borrower has not noted CCG or CCL compliance and the Lender wants this information to be supplied before agreeing to supply the item.

ILLiad impact
OCLC is making these changes first to WorldCat Resource Sharing. At the same time as the changes are implemented in WorldCat Resource Sharing we will be updating the Atlas Systems Web service to include the new Reasons for No in ILLiad. Until that development work is completed and users have upgraded to the new release that incorporates the Web service, users of ILLiad will not have access to these new Reasons for No and users of WCRS may receive some of the older Reasons for No.

ISO ILL impact
Users of ISO ILL will continue to receive ISO-sanctioned Reasons for No. New OCLC Reasons for No will be mapped to “Other” if there is no logical ISO reason provided.

Other partners
OCLC is also updating the Web services used by other partners that use WorldCat Resource Sharing. We will be making this updated Web service available in July 2008. As with ILLiad, there will be some lag time while partner organizations implement the new Web service and users upgrade their software.

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