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OCLC's Small Libraries Advisory Group

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At the May 2008 OCLC Members Council meeting, a new initiative for small and rural libraries was announced. The Small Libraries Advisory Group was sponsored by George Needham, Vice President of OCLC Member Services, and is chaired by George Bishop, the library director for the Ovid-Elsie Schools in Michigan. The goal of the group is to recommend to OCLC new ways to package current services for the small library market, regardless of library type.

The first conference call meeting of the group is this Thursday, July 31. If you have suggestions or ideas on how OCLC can help small and rural libraries, OCLC wants to hear them.

How can OCLC make their products and services affordable for all libraries? Is there a way we can offer a selection of services that are quick to learn and could get smaller libraries (public, school, special, even small academics) into the cooperative with a low entry cost and minimal ongoing expense?

Add a comment on OCLC’s It’s All Good blog or e-mail George Needham and let them know what you're thinking!

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