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Downloadable Audiobooks Offer

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Have your patrons been asking for downloadable audiobooks? Is it time to try something new at your library? Consider joining the Nebraska OverDrive Libraries for the next subscription year: October 2008-September 2009.

Patrons of Nebraska OverDrive Libraries have access to a variety of fiction and non-fiction, adult and children’s audiobooks. All members have access to the entire collection, currently 700+ titles and continually growing. View current collection list.

OverDrive digital audio books can be downloaded to a PC/laptop, burned to CD, or transferred to a wide variety of portable devices, including most MP3 players, smartphones, and car stereos. Patrons download and enjoy their selection anytime and anywhere via the web, so the process is virtually hands free for library staff.

These digital books may be checked out for a limited period of time, downloaded to the patron's device and are automatically returned to the collection when the checkout time expires. The library does not need to purchase any additional equipment to provide this remote service to patrons. To read more about Overdrive go to

In addition to an annual subscription fee, there is a one-time set up fee of $500 for new members. All annual subscription fees paid by member libraries go to collection content purchases; the Nebraska Library Commission pays the annual maintenance fee. Check pricing for your library.

If you sign-up for the next subscription period by August 29, 2008, the Nebraska Library Commission will make an additional contribution to the content fund. Sign the Overdrive Participation Form today and mail or fax to Jeannette Powell, NLC, 1200 N St., Suite 120, Lincoln, NE 68508; 402-471-2083 (fax).

Membership limited to Nebraska libraries serving a population under 50,000.

If you have questions about the Nebraska Overdrive Libraries project, please email Devra Dragos or Susan Knisely.

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