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CONTENTdm - June's Featured Collections

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Each month, three collections from the CONTENTdm Collection of Collections are featured on the CONTENTdm Web site. The featured collections for June are Nevada Test Site Oral History Project, PS Magazine: the Preventive Maintenance Monthly, and Division of Animal Industry's Brand books, 1849-1930.

Included in the collection information below is a link to each organization’s record in the OCLC WorldCat Registry. OCLC’s WorldCat Registry allows libraries worldwide to manage and organize their data for vendors and third parties by creating and maintaining a comprehensive institutional profile in a single, Web-accessible location.

Nevada Test Site Oral History Project
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
The Nevada Test Site Oral History Project documents, preserves, and disseminates the remembered past of persons affiliated with and affected by the Nevada Test Site during the era of Cold War nuclear testing. A wide range of oral history narrators participated in the project and nearly 200 full-text searchable transcripts and multimedia clips are available in the digital collection.

PS Magazine: the Preventive Maintenance Monthly
Virginia Commonwealth University
PS Magazine is a collection featuring rare examples of the incomparable work of the late comic artist, Will Eisner. Also known as Preventive Maintenance Monthly, the magazine is a digest-sized publication focusing on preventive maintenance published by the US Army. This collection consists of 145 regular issues, 3 special issues, and 14 index issues from the period of 1951 to 1970.

Division of Animal Industry's Brand books, 1849-1930
Utah State Archives
Brand books contain all livestock brands and ear marks registered with the State Department of Agriculture. Livestock is assumed to include all types of animals raised for pleasure or for profit. This collection contains digital versions of Brand books from 1849 to 1930.

These are just a few of the many outstanding digital collections created by CONTENTdm users.

If you would like to add your collections to the Collection of Collections, log in to the CONTENTdm User Support Center and follow the instructions. Be sure to submit metadata for all required fields including the Entered by field.

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