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Cambridge Histories Online Now Available

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Cambridge University Press recently announced the launch of a new product--Cambridge Histories Online.

Product Description: The Cambridge Histories have become an established and essential component of the academic research library, and now, for the first time, over 250 of these well-known, used and trusted volumes published since the 1960's will be available online, adding immense value to the texts and enhancing any aspect of historical research. Cambridge Histories Online (CHO) will be an indispensable research tool for undergraduates and academics alike. It will offer impressive functionality, enabling quick and easy access to content and the tools to make the content usable in a time effective way, including extensive bibliographic reference linking, personal archives, citation export, remote access and user control display features. At launch CHO will cover 14 subject areas, including, General History, Regional History, Literary Studies, Philosophy, and Religious Studies.

Currently, 208 of the 252 volumes have been uploaded and they anticipate the remaining volumes will be available by mid-July.

Pricing: Pricing consists of a one-time purchase price based on FTE levels. Starting year two libraries will be charged an annual fee of $750.00 which includes new content AND maintenance. Libraries ordering through the Nebraska Library Commission are eligible for a 15% discount off the one-time purchase price. There is no discount available on the annual content/hosting fee.

To request a price quote Nebraska libraries should email Susan Knisely. Please include your FTE or population served.

Trials: Interested libraries can sign up for a 30-day free trial at

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