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Save on CONTENTdm Hosting Services

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Are you thinking of purchasing CONTENTdmĀ® or upgrading your license so you can provide Web access to your digital collections quickly and easily?

Would you like OCLC to manage your CONTENTdm installation instead of running it on your local server?

Then you need OCLC CONTENTdm Hosting Services. CONTENTdm Hosting Services offer operational support and reliability at an affordable price.

Now through June 15, 2008, you can save on CONTENTdm Hosting Services with a license purchase or upgrade.

If your institution purchases a new CONTENTdm license or upgrades to a higher-level license, OCLC will waive the Level 1 CONTENTdm annual hosting service fee for the first year only. And if you elect either the CONTENTdm Hosting Service Level 2 or Level 3 with your license purchase or upgrade, we will deduct the Level 1 fee from the Level 2 or 3 charge.

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