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WorldCat Resource Sharing Per-Page Printing Redesigned

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On April 13, a newly redesigned two-per-page printing .PDF layout for the OCLC WorldCat Resource Sharing service was made available.

A group of librarians and network representatives worked closely with OCLC and helped determine that left justifying all the information except the patron information would allow for easy reading and consistency of style between the one and two per-page layout.

The printouts will also always display the following fields whether or not the information was present in the request:

  • Call number
  • Shipped date
  • Lending charges
  • Returned date

If patron information is present, the bibliographic information wraps to another line, and the patron data appears to the right of the first line of bibliographic information. A vertical line separates the different information. If there is no patron information, the bibliographic information will extend across the page. OCLC hopes this new layout will greatly improve the usability of the two-per-page printout.

See a [obsolete link removed] sample .PDF of two-per-page printout from the pending file of one of OCLC’s testing sites.

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