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Value Line Trial Available During March

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Value Line is offering Nebraska libraries trial access to their online investment research service through March 26, 2008.


Value Line is:

  • One of the largest independent research staffs of investment analysts and statisticians in the world.
  • Totally independent, objective and unbiased.
  • Research company that collects data and analyzes performance of approximately 8,000 stocks, 13,000 mutual funds, 80,000 options and other securities.
  • A company with 3/4 of a century of experience tracking, analyzing and ranking investments.
  • Best Known for The Value Line Investment Survey, one of the most widely read investment services in the world.
  • Critically acclaimed: "I don't know any other system that's as good." – Warren Buffett

Value Line publishes more than a dozen print and electronic products which are used by more than half-a-million investors for timely information on stocks, mutual funds, special situations, options and convertibles

Value Line is available online at

Trial access instructions were distributed via a March 4, 2008 message to the TRIAL mailing list. If you are a Nebraska librarian and you didn't receiving this information or need to have it sent to you again, please email Susan Knisely.

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