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Trial Opportunity: My Library DV (Downloadable Video)

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Nebraska librarians are being offered a chance to try out downloadable video via Recorded Books' My Library DV Service.

My Library DV is a downloadable broadband database that is provided by Recorded Books. My Library DV allows patrons to choose from over 600 videos. Patrons download videos to their computers and then can watch movies on both their computer or TV. The cost of a one year subscription to My Library DV is determined by the library's circulation.

In August, Recorded Books launched Hollywood Favorites/World Cinema. Hollywood Favorites has over 500 movies and TV programs. This is an additional program to My Library DV, and is priced in addition to MLDV. The cost for Hollywood Favorites/World Cinema is also determined by a library's circulation.

If you are interested in learning more about these offerings, please take a look at the [obsolete link removed] MLDV Brocure (PDF 827 KB) and the [obsolete link removed] Premium Movie Title List (PDF 1 MB). You may also wish to take a look at the My Library DV demo website:

If you decide you would like to take this service for a trial run, please contact Jim Keating of Recorded Books at 317-844-9313 or for a temporary password.

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