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Nebraska Librarians Invited to Evaluate Vault Online Career Library

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Vault Inc. is offering Nebraska librarians and media specialists an opportunity to evaluate their Vault Online Career Library, which features:

  • 68 Vault Career Guidebooks
  • 3,000+ Company Profiles
  • 50 GOLD Company Profiles customizable to your local area
  • Internship Database
  • Access to the Vault Message Boards
  • Insider College Admissions Reports
  • 1,100+ Career Advice Articles
  • Sample resumes and cover letters, and interview tips
  • Industry and occupational research


  • Insider Information: Vault surveys thousands of professionals every year to get the inside scoop on companies and industries.
  • Access: Reach more patrons effortlessly. Your users can access the content 24/7 from any computer with internet access, and you are allowed unlimited concurrent users.
  • Customization: We give the Online Career Library the look and feel of your site, including the logo and navigation tools.
  • Trusted Content: The Online Career Library is used at over 900 subscribing institutions. The Online Career Library has a 96% subscription renewal rate.
  • Quick & Painless: Vault does all the work. We build and host the Online Career Library–you just post the link on your site to give your patrons access.
  • Tracking: Upon your request, Vault provides statistics monitoring usage. This way you ensure a return on your investment.

To view a Vault Video Tutorial go to:

The Vault Online Career Library is available via a confidential URL. To request this URL, please email Databases [Please note that this demonstration site is for use by library and media center staff and should not be opened up to general cardholders or students.]

If you have questions about this product, account executive Christopher Domenick, who made this demonstration site available to us, has indicated he would be happy to be contacted directly. You can reach him at 212-366-4212, ext. 282 or email

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