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OCLC Local Holdings documentation updated

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A new edition of OCLC’s Local Holdings Primer is now available. Titled A Holdings Primer: Principles & Standards for Local Holdings Records, it replaces the earlier edition, Primer: MARC 21 Format for Holdings Data.

The latest edition of the Primer is updated throughout and includes examples of holdings records. The Primer also contains exercises to help familiarize you with the concepts and practices involved with maintaining and using local holdings records in your library.


1. Introduction
2. Z39.71
3. MARC 21 Format for Holdings Data (MFHD)
4. Batchloading of Holdings Records
5. Examples of Holdings Records
6. Exercise Answer Key
7. Glossary

The Local Holdings Primer is available online.

You may also obtain a printed copy at no charge by sending an e-mail request to In your e-mail, please request Product Code REF1111.

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