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OCLC Symposium at ALA Midwinter

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View a webcast of the OCLC Symposium at ALA Midwinter, as well as one for the OCLC Update Breakfast

More than 400 people attended the symposium, New Leadership for New Challenges, which explored how both individual and institutional leadership has an impact on the success of libraries.

Featured speakers were Leslie Crutchfield, Managing Director of Ashoka and co-author of Forces for Good: The Six Practices of High-Impact Nonprofits, and Dr. Rush Miller, Hillman University Librarian, University of Pittsburgh and co-author of Beyond Survival: Managing Academic Libraries in Transition.

About 500 people attended the OCLC Update Breakfast, where Jay Jordan, OCLC President and CEO, reported on OCLC’s current activities and strategic directions.

Presentations from the ALCTS Forum: Moving Library Services to the Network Level are also available for viewing.

View the webcasts and presentations

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