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Local Holdings Offline Product Announcement

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The OCLC Local Holdings Offline Product is now available.

The OCLC Local Holdings Offline Product (LHOP) replaces the old SULOP (“Serials Union List Offline Product”) used for many years by OCLC members participating in the old union listing system (now migrated to Local Holdings Maintenance).

Individual libraries can order a tab delimited file of all of the local holdings they currently have in WorldCat from the online order form on the OCLC website. Once produced, the tab delimited file will be available for download from the Product Services Web and can be imported into a spreadsheet package. If your library has more than 20,000 local holdings records, multiple files will be provided with up to 20,000 records in each file. There is no charge for this report.

A Quick Reference guide is available and covers the order process, how to download the file, and information on how to import the file into Microsoft Office Excel.

Below is a brief list of the data elements that will be included in the file.

From the bibliographic record:
OCLC Number
Title of Item from the bibliographic record (245 $a)
ISBN/ISSN (020 $a or 022 $a) - the data will be preceded by a label identifying it as either an ISSN or ISBN
Place of Publication (260 $a & $b)
BLvL - Code from the Bibliographic Level element in the bibliographic record
Form - Code from the Form of Item element in the bibliographic record
SrTp - Code from the Type of Serials element in the bibliographic record

From the Local Holdings record
LHR Summary - Note: There is only one summary per bibliographic per institution regardless of the number of LHRs that the library has attached to the bibliographic record. If a library has multiple LHRs attached to a single bibliographic record each LHR will appear on a separate row and the summary field will be repeated in each row.
LHR Leader – Note: Each element from the leader will be preceded by label that identifies the item. Data will always appear in the same column for all LHRs in the file.
LHR 007 – Codes from the Physical Description field.
LHR 008 - Codes from the Fixed-Length Data Elements General Information . The complete set of 32 characters from the 008 will be included.
For ease of sorting, in addition to being included in the complete 008 field, the Lending (008/20) & Reproduction (008/21) policy codes and the Date of report (008/26-31) will be broken out into separate columns.
LHR 852 (Location) – The field tag, indicators, and all subfields will be included as they appear in the LHR at the time the data was extracted. Subfield delimiters will appear as ‘$’
Holdings Information – Fields from the LHR that describe the library’s holdings including Electronic Location (856) and Holdings Data (853-878). Each field will be in a separate cell and will include the field tag, indicators, and all subfields from the field. Repeatable fields will appear in separate cells (for example if there are two 863 fields each 863 field will appear in a separate cell within the file). Subfield delimiters will appear as ‘$’ Position of the data will be dependent of the fields that are contained within the LHR.

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