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OCLC FirstSearch Feature: Patron Comments

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Did you know that you can allow your patrons to send their Comments directly to you when they are using FirstSearch?

By default, Comments in FirstSearch are sent to OCLC Customer Support, where library patrons are then referred to their local reference librarian. By adding a direct Reference email address to your library's FirstSearch Administrative Module, your patrons will be sent directly to you for help.

How it Works
In the FirstSearch Administrative Module, on the Authentication/Access tab, choose General from the menu on the left. At the very bottom of the page, you can enter the Reference Librarian's Email Address. Don't forget to click Save Changes button.

After you have saved this change, in FirstSearch, Comments that are self-identified as "I am a library patron" (not "library staff member") will be forwarded to this email address.

Please note that OCLC Customer Support is still available to help library staff with all questions. So please continue sending your own questions for help or feedback to them.

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