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FREE WorldCat Selection Web session

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You’re invited to join David Whitehair, WorldCat Selection Product Manager, for a live, FREE Web session to learn how WorldCat Selection can save you time and streamline your selection and ordering process.

According to Scott Wicks, Interim Assistant University Librarian, Cornell University Library, "We have now migrated from ITSO CUL to WorldCat Selection and continue to see these great savings in staff costs [approximately $100,000 per year], but more importantly, with immediate access to the broad array of member copy from WorldCat at the point of order, our users reap the benefits of shorter turnaround from order to shelf."

WorldCat Selection allows selectors of new materials at your library to view notification records from multiple materials vendors in one central comprehensive system. And it makes it easier for you to get WorldCat records for newly selected materials into your integrated library system early in the technical services process.

Register for one of three Web sessions and discover how the service works, which library materials vendors are participating, and who’s coming soon. You’ll learn how to control your library’s selection process and eliminate the need to send items via paper slips.

Three sessions are scheduled:

For more information, please visit the WorldCat Selection Web site.

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