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EZproxy acquired by OCLC

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EZproxy, the leading software solution for serving library patrons remotely, has been acquired by OCLC from Useful Utilities of Peoria, Arizona. Useful Utilities founder Chris Zagar will join OCLC as a full-time consultant. Mr. Zagar will help ensure a smooth transition of EZproxy operations to OCLC, the world’s largest library service and research organization, and assist OCLC in developing state-of-the-art authentication services for the cooperative.

Mr. Zagar, a librarian at the Maricopa Community Colleges in Arizona, developed EZproxy to provide libraries a better solution for authenticating remote user access to licensed databases. EZproxy software allows libraries to manage access and authentication configurations through a proxy server so that library users do not have to make any configuration changes to their personal Web browsers.

More than 2,400 institutions in over 60 countries have purchased EZproxy software. OCLC will honor EZproxy's current service arrangement for existing and new customers whereby licensees continue to enjoy access to new releases of EZproxy and technical support at no additional charge.

OCLC will also continue to develop and support EZproxy by working with commercial vendors to create new connectors to authentication systems and online content resources to libraries. EZproxy version 4.1 is scheduled for release in March 2008.

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