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OCLC is developing an online set of DDC training materials focused on the needs of experienced librarians who need Dewey application training. They may also be useful as supplementary materials in other Dewey training contexts, e.g., teaching Dewey to LIS students.

All course materials will be made available on the Dewey Training Courses web site at no charge. The presentations and exercises assume the availability of the latest version of the DDC database (i.e., WebDewey), and a professor, trainer, and/or experienced Dewey user for offering explanations and fielding questions. The materials will include a basic course on the structure and use of the DDC, plus a series of short modules based on special topics (including a general overview).

Currently available for the Basic Course:

  • Technical Introduction to the DDC
  • WebDewey: Basics
  • Introduction to Table 1

Short Modules available:

  • Technical Introduction to the DDC (Refresher)
  • Choice of Number Review
  • Number Building: Add Tables

Announcements and descriptions of the modules and related materials will be made on 025.431: The Dewey blog. OCLC welcomes your comments - please feel free to post them directly on the blog entry for each module. Comments may also be sent to Be sure to put the title of the course or module in the subject line of your message.

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