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Serials Solutions Announces Year-End Special Pricing and 360 Counter Information

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Serials Solutions recently announced special year-end pricing available for new subscriptions to any of Serials Solutions’ e-resource access and management services and the limited-time special pricing available for Serials Solutions new 360 Counter e-resource assessment service.

Serials Solutions makes it easy for librarians to access, manage and assess your e-resources. Each of their services helps you optimize your electronic collection and helps your library be the best partner for research.

  • 360 Search - federated search service
  • 360 Link - OpenURL link resolver
  • 360 MARC Updates - OPAC updating service
  • 360 Resource Manager - e-resource access & management service
  • Serials Solutions AMS – basic e-journal access and management
  • - the first place to find magazines, journals and more
  • Ulrich's Serials Analysis System - the analytical and reporting toolkit for librarians

To learn how their 360 services and the Ulrich’s online services can help your library, please email them at or call (866) SERIALS ext. 5. They can send you literature on each service and also supply you with pricing specific for your library.

You can also take advantage of free webinars for each service, including several scheduled for their new 360 Counter e-resource assessment service, by visiting and registering for any session.

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