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ILL Staff: Wish there were a way for you to go to ALA?

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It's too late to be first, but it's not too late to be considered!

There's still time to send in an application for the RUSA STARS/Atlas Systems Mentoring award. This award is intended to help those of you new to resource sharing attend ALA and connect with a bunch of other resource sharing junkies. Where else are you going for find a couple of hundred people that can talk with enthusiasm about interlibrary loan, remote circ, document delivery and all the hardware/software that supports it?!

If you're new to resource sharing and you'd like to get more directly involved with that community do we have an award for you! Questions that come up are 'is it okay to nominate myself?' Absolutely! We EXPECT people new to resource sharing to nominate themselves. 'Do I have to have letters of support?' Not at all--we're happy to receive and consider them but we want to be as inclusive as possible. If you don't have anyone to ask for support don't worry about it. 'Does my library have to use ILLiad to be considered?' Nope. We love Atlas Systems for their support but the award is for ANY type of library and it system neutral. "what needs to be in the application?' there's no application form but we're most interested in knowing how you might use your time at ALA.

Here's the more official announcement...

Collette Mak

With a big thank you to Atlas Systems we're happy to invite applications for the STARS Atlas Mentoring award. This award will be made to one library practitioner who is new to the field of interlibrary loan/document delivery or electronic reserves, and who has daily, hands-on involvement in the areas of borrowing, lending, document delivery, electronic reserves, material delivery, or resource sharing.

This award is intended for persons from ALL types of libraries interested in a mentoring opportunity at ALA, and who have been in the profession for less than two years, or an individual who has recently accepted an interlibrary loan, resource sharing or electronic reserves position and has little or no experience in that area. M.L.S. or ALA membership is not required for this award.

Please feel free to nominate yourself! Preference will be given to individuals who evidence greatest need of this stipend for the purposes of professional development, networking, initial or continuing education, and service to their local community--we're interested in how you'd use your time at ALA.

For a full description of the award visit the RUSA STARS Awards page.

(the bread crumbs are, click on divisions, click on RUSA, click on STARS, click on awards)

The review process will begin December 1, 2007.

Nominations should be sent to Collette Mak
by email:
by ground: 6202 Morenci Trail, Indianapolis IN USA 46268

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