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Check your OCLC ILL Policies

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Have you updated your OCLC Policies Directory?

As a WorldCat Resource Sharing member it’s important to keep your library’s Policies Directory entry current. We know it’s not always easy to remember the last time you updated this valuable information, so we’re providing a helpful reminder.

The next time you log on to the Policies Directory Web site or the WorldCat Resource Sharing staff view, a reminder window will ask you to choose one of three options:

  • Update your institution’s information, including policies and contacts
  • Receive another reminder in 30 days
  • Indicate that your institution’s policy information is already current and up-to-date
On November 12, this reminder window will begin to display for Resource Sharing institutions that have not updated their Policies Directory entries in 12 months or more. Once you’ve updated your directory information – or have indicated that your information is current – the reminder message will be automatically reset and will not display again for another year.

Remember, Resource Sharing works best when all of your Policy Directory information is accurate and up-to-date. If you haven’t updated your information recently, please take a moment and do so now.

To learn more about the Policies Directory, you can watch the recording of our April NEBASE Hour . The recorded session is viewable from a web browser. You will need a sound card and either earphones or speakers. There is no cost to view this recorded session.

Instructions for entering your information into the ILL Policies Directory can also be found in the OCLC ILL Policies Directory Quick Reference card.

For assistance with changes to your ILL Policies Directory record, please contact NEBASE, 402-471-3107 or 800-307-2665, or OCLC Customer Support (CSD) at 1-800-848-5800 or

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