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Building a non-English collection can be easy!

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Building a non-English collection has always been easy with OCLC Language Sets.

Now it’s even easier on your budget. Save 30% on Introductory Sets until December 31, 2007. Start a non-English book collection or add to your current one - and save 30%.

OCLC Language Sets are the fast way to build multilingual collections, making it easy and affordable to serve your culturally diverse community. And, libraries who wish to order Language Sets do not have to be members of OCLC. The sets are available to both OCLC member and nonmember libraries.

What do I get with OCLC Language Sets?

  • High-quality, popular books
  • Complete MARC records
  • No shipping charges
  • Free promotional materials
  • Available in Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese

To learn more about OCLC Language Sets, you can watch the recording of our October NEBASE Hour, "OCLC Language Sets: Prepare for the Multilingual World". The recorded session is viewable from a web browser. You will need a sound card and either earphones or speakers. There is no cost to view this recorded session.

How much will I save?

  • 25-title set of books - Original Price - $571 - Adult or Juvenile - With 30% Discount - $400
  • 50-title set of books - Original Price - $1,142 - Adult or mix of Adult and Juvenile - With 30% Discount - $800
  • 75-title set of books - Original Price - $1,714 - Adult or mix of Adult and Juvenile - With 30% Discount - $1200

Place your order today!

For more information on the Introductory and other available Language Sets, call OCLC Library Services at 1-800-898-6252, Option #7.

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