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WilsonWeb Beta Testers Needed

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H.W. Wilson is working on WilsonWeb 3.0 which is on course for a January ’08 release.  As part of this upcoming release the company is looking beta tester to provide their input. You can register to become a beta tester at:

WilsonWeb 3.0 will feature:

  • A Frameless Interface--for even faster loading, and better integration with your institution's website.

  • Enhanced Layout & Graphics: Clearer screens and more accessible tools, for quicker, more intuitive searching.

  • Navigational Improvements: New Full Text, Page Image, and Peer Reviewed tabs in results let you isolate those records at a click. In Full Display mode, you can now also choose between scrolling through results or clicking from record to record--navigating the way you find most comfortable.

  • Simplified Print, Email & Save functions: New buttons--Save This, Email This, and Print This--capture not just the citation, but also any available full text, saving a step. You can also use the Print Email Save button in the banner for simplified and complete functionality as well.

  • Simplified Search History screen allows you to more handily review, update, combine and organize saved searches, and receive new information on any search in email alerts.

  • Full text translations: Electronic conversion of articles into Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Korean.

  • Database Enhancements: New looks for Biography Reference Bank, Art Museum Image Gallery, Current Issues: Reference Shelf Plus, and Current Issues in Health offer more immediate access to essential information, better navigation, and uggestions for related searches.

View WilsonWeb 3.0 sample screens at:

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