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Serials Solutions Offers Additional Limited-Time Discounts

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As you begin to prepare for 2008, NEBASE is pleased to announce some limited-time discounts available from Serials Solutions. Through October 31st and December 15th, Serials Solutions is making it easier for you to have the e-resource access and management services you need and add to the NEBASE Serials Solutions 15% member discount.

  • Sign up for a new subscription to their basic service, Serials Solutions AMS, and you will benefit from a special introductory 20% discount. Deadline is December 15.
  • Sign up for a new subscription to a Serials Solutions 360 service and you will receive a 10% discount plus one month free service. Our 360 services include: 360 Search (federated search); 360 Link (OpenURL link resolver); 360 MARC Updates (OPAC updating service); 360 Resource Manager (ERM service). Deadline is October 31st.
  • Sign up for a new subscription to either one of the Ulrich’s online services, or Ulrich’s Serials Analysis System, prior to October 31, and you will benefit from a 10% discount. Deadline is October 31.

Since Serials Solutions employs a cumulative discount model and NEBASE offers members a 15% discount, the total savings can be nearly 25% to libraries for the 360 and Ulrich’s service limited time offers, and 32% for a new subscription to Serials Solutions AMS. Other discounts that can add up include multiple service and community college discounts. All the discounts add up!

For pricing specific to your institution, please contact Serials Solutions at or (866) 737-4257 ext. 5. To learn more about the services available through Serials Solutions, please visit or register for one of their free webinars at

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