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OCLC WorldCat Resource Sharing Enhancements

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Install date: October 7, 2007

For the October install the following changes have been made to WorldCat Resource Sharing:

  • There is a new reason for no, within the drop down menu. “Not licensed to fill” should be used when the lending library does own the item but due to contractual obligations are unable to fill (e.g. electronic resources).
  • When a lender replies to a request with “Not found as cited” as the reason for no, the request will be returned as Unfilled for the borrower to remedy the citation. It no longer will be routed to any additional lenders.
  • Users are able to print labels when individual requests are processed as well as through batch functionality (Aug. 2007).
  • The ability to view 20, 50, 75, or 99 request in a given category is persistent when users go from category to category
  • Users are able to search the archive with the closed date as the search guide.
  • Some users experienced not being able to update their records when the Shipped Via field an electronic delivery method was present as well as in the Electronic Delivery fields in the request form. This was due to an error in coding, and has been corrected.

See the WorldCat Resource Sharing Recent Enhancements webpage for details about Current, Future and Past WorldCat Resource Sharing enhancements.

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